The All You Need Guide to Video Codecs and Compression [Video]

To an outsider, video codecs can seem almost impossible to understand. But, in reality, the main concepts behind codecs aren't so convoluted, particularly when an expert takes the time to break down the meanings. Filmmaker David Kong has created an excellent video tutorial that does just that.

YouTube Commits to VP9-supported 4K, Asks LG & Sony Along for the Ride

Google has been trying to get their own video codec off the ground for years and it looks like they finally have the weight of the industry behind them as they demonstrate VP9 enabled 4K video streaming for YouTube at next week's CES show in Las Vegas.

Google Announces New Video Chat Feature And Video Codec

Google's annual developer conference, the I/O, introduced a number of new features including a new video codec aimed at reducing bandwidth, a new cross platform 'all in one' video chat service and a music streaming rival to Spotify. Oh, and they also confirmed the latest YouTube stats.

Flash Video Isn’t Dead, It Just Pivoted

HTML5 is the future of video. Probably. Or if not HTML5, its successors. It seems that the whole web has rallied behind the desire to get rid of third-party plu...