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Fun Video Friday: Firemen And Kittens Edition

There are so many great videos around at the moment and we've picked our favourites for your enjoyment. There's everything from firemen rescuing kittens to Justin Bieber to Twitter musicals and plane crash supercuts. Enjoy!

Fun Video Friday: Unhappy Birthdays, Ginger Cats And Guitar Riffs

Science stuff, ginger attack cats, Cookie Monster and Unhappy Birthdays make up some of our favourite videos from the last week. We have picked the best of the bunch for your entertainment so grab that coffee, sit back and enjoy some of the footage that has or is going viral as we speak.

Fun Video Friday: Batman, Watermelons, Meteors And Spoilers

Prank interviews, super viral Norwegian pop videos, stop motion Batman & Robins and a round up of regional slang words make up just some of the most viral videos of the last seven days. We love the adverts from Guinness and LG but we are also a bit worried about our eyesight as well.

The Week In Video: Buzzword Bingo And YouTube Comments

Welcome to our weekly round of online video news from around the web. Out of the blue, YouTube decided to retire video responses which took many by surprise but that's YouTube for you. Elsewhere, The Fine Bros passed 1 Billion Views and Skype announced that they are working on holographic video technology.

The Week In Video: Popstar Cats, NFL And The First Vine Movie

As ever, it's been a news packed week in the world of video. There's the first crowdsourced full length Vine movie in the works, the NFL Sunday Ticket might just be coming to YouTube in 2014 and Kevin Spacey thinks the television industry should raise its game to compete with VOD content.

The Cat Web Cannot Come Soon Enough [Video]

The internet loves cats but could that be because the internet is cats? It's a crazy theory but delivered in an inventive and highly entertaining way from the team at PBS Idea Channel. Sit back and ponder on the meaning of life, the web and everything cat related.

Kittens Vs Bacon In Video Showdown: Because Why The Hell Not

Will the internet ever get tired of cats and bacon? Nothing is more likely to inspire a view, share or click than a genuinely originally or funny video about either. But just how much of a viral reach do they have? A new infographic from Marketo shows us.

Bring On The Cat Videos: Friskies Bring Back Award For Top Cat

The Friskies award for best cat video was a huge success in 2012 - both for the brand and for the winner. So, it's no surprise that the competition returns in 2013. You have 10 days to get your winning entry in and launch the media career of your beloved kitty.

Vimeo’s April Fools Joke: Vimeow

Oh, April Fools isn't over. Vimeo decided to get in on the fun by rebranding their site, "Vimeow," as a one-stop source for all things cat video. Considering the high-quality pedigree of Vimeo, poking fun at the general perception of YouTube suits them nicely.

Corridor Digital Spins Cat Videos Into Special Effects Awesomeness

Corridor Digital has created a video that has all the elements of a mega-viral success. It's a cat video, but not your ordinary cat video. It's one where cats are doing their usual cat things, but this time, they're providing a valuable service against bad guys. Soon to be shared by a mom near you.