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Video Advertising on Increase, Winning the Budget Away from TV Ads [Report]

The new 2015 Video Industry Report from AOL claims that agencies and brands are spending less and less on TV ads spots, with a sizable portion of those dollars and resources now being reallocated to video advertising. Spending on US digital video ads grew by 42% to $7.46 billion in 2015, but that number is expected reach over $13 Billion by 2019.

Could 2015 Be The Year YouTube REALLY Takes Off?

YouTube has witnessed unprecedented growth since Google acquired it in 2006. But could 2015 be the biggest year yet in the site's history? We take a look at some of the possible changes ahead for YouTube, and what that could mean for the industry.

Digital Video Ad Spend Creeping Up on TV, Marketing Budgets Shifting

The IAB was curious as to what agencies and marketers were doing with the ad budget in terms of TV and digital video. With the third year of the NewFronts upon us it seems like a good time to dive into the research. The trend? We all know the trend... TV is losing ground to digital video advertising. But is the money coming directly from the former's budget and into the latter's?

In-stream Online Video Ad CPM Higher than Cable Prime Time?

We now have an idea of the video ad CPM pecking order... but we're not going to spill it here because that defeats the purpose of this excerpt. This new report does do one thing, supports our hypothetical Hulu average CPM math back in December... Want the specifics? Then you need to read on Reel Believers! You may just be amazed.

An In-Depth Look At OTT And Live TV For 2014

2013 was a huge year for OTT (Over The Top) devices and content providers, but that's nothing compared to the growth of original content that Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are promising for 2014, alongside some exciting developments in OTT technology.

4K Streaming Video – The Future Bandwidth Monster?

Netflix and Amazon are rolling out 4K content and tech companies like Sony and Samsung are releasing 4K ready TVs but what is 4K? Do we really need it and what does it mean for online and streaming video?

Maker Studios Turn To Cable Model To Expand Online Empire

Maker Studios, the second biggest MCN in the States in terms of unique views, are planning to restructure their partner content into four main categories. They hope this new cable TV like model will benefit both creators, viewers and advertisers.

Of Course Netflix Has More Viewers Than Cable TV

Netflix have confirmed that 4 billion hours worth of streaming video on demand has been watched in the past three months by their subscribers. This puts them ahead of any cable network in terms of viewing figures but they still have a long way to go to catch up with traditional TV viewing.

The Future of Cable TV: Two Sides of the Debate

On today's Reel Web, Jason Urgo of SocialBlade and David Stroz from Sonic Orb Studios answers some questions about audience retention over the number of actual ...

Checklist For Upgrading Your YouTube Channel

There's only one more day until YouTube will automatically upgrade all channels to the new look and layout. So for this week's Reel Web episode, we've got a hel...