A Crash Course in Video Marketing: Make The Most of Your Campaign

In just about every marketing blog, we are told that we must incorporate short promotional videos within our digital marketing strategies. Meanwhile brands and businesses are often unsure how to optimize their marketing efforts with video content. Here's a crash course on how to promote your videos online.

Kaltura Offers Native Video App for Out-of-the-Box Video Portal

Open source video platform Kaltura has launched its new mobile video app which not only allow users to browse and view video but it also allows uploading of captured video, both live and pre-recorded. It's a single piece of software for a full-featured social video platform on mobile devices.

VideoLC Brings Video A/B Testing to YouTube

A/B Testing is a simple yet powerful way to measure how your online content is performing but it's been difficult to implement this for YouTube. However, a new tool to market does just that which means that creators can confirm what is working best for them in terms of optimization.

Channel Pages Gives YouTubers A Way To Collaborate With Other Creators

Hugely successful YouTube channels and creators succeed because of the relationships they build up over time, with the audience and with other creators and brands. FanBridge have launched a new service aimed at making these collaborations even easier to facilitate.

The 5 Best Benefits of Real-Time Video Ad Buying

The benefits of buying video ad space in real time are laid out. With real-time buying set to increase 57 percent by 2014, and will make up 25 percent of the entire online video spend, it's time to learn what exactly is attractive about programmatic real-time ad buying.

10 Tips On Getting Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Getting your first 1,000 subscribers might seem like a somewhat daunting task when you're first starting on YouTube. Why 1,000? Well it's the magic mark for enabling your channel for live streaming. Following these tips can bring you closer to that reality.

YouTube's InVideo Programming Now on Mobile

YouTube's InVideo Programming is now on mobile. Introduced to the mothership back in October, the feature allows creators to bring up a thumbnail during a video that either connects to another video or displays the channel's branding.

Animoto Teams with Vimeo; Premium Video Service for Small Businesses

Animoto is offering a new service called Pro Premium, which integrates their branding, video styles, music tracks, and more with the included Vimeo Pro membership. A service like this is cool to know about when you're a business looking to brand your videos, and not have to use that same old YouTube player.

YouTube's Top 10 Video Ads for April 2013

AdWeek's Top 10 Most-Watched YouTube Ads include two of the most discussed ads in the past couple of weeks, but also a few you may not have seen. Old Spice makes the list a couple of times, along with a fantastic Call of Duty ad.

8 Ways to Brand Yourself on YouTube

How do you develop a brand on YouTube?  It definitely takes more than just an awesome logo.  Why is branding important?  You want to give people something famil...