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Global Branded Vines Of The Week: October 10th 2013

Vine continues to prove itself as an exciting, adaptable and innovative platform for brands to roll out promotions or to utilise user generated content. We take a look at some of the best Vines from the past 7 days with appearances by Target, American Apparel and KFC.

Ron Burgundy Video Ad News Of The Day: Dodge, He Is In You

Will Ferrell has a new Anchorman film to plug and Dodge have a new SUV to sell so why not get Ron Burgundy to front the 2014 Durango ad campaign for the best of all possible worlds. The video ads are now live and there's a huge social push a-coming for this one.

TV Shows Trounce Other Mainstream YouTube Content [Study]

TV Shows do fantastically well on YouTube for two reasons - they bring their audience with them and they have a golden supply of content that can re-purposed for the YouTube audience. A new study from OpenSlate shows us just how well the main TV show channels fare online.

Apple Lose Out To Samsung, Xbox to PS4 in Video Ad Battle [Report]

Significant video shares across social media networks can increase brand awareness by 55% and increase the 'likelihood to purchase' by 103% but who are the real winners in the technology sector when it comes to video ad shares? A new report from Unruly takes us through the data.

Why Video Sharing Matters More Than You Might Realize

While a lot of us care about how many views a video gets, it's really the sharing that matters most, especially for brands--when friends share with friends, video gets instant credibility from it, and it doesn't have the intrusiveness of a brand directly marketing to a consumer.

The Top 20 Most-Shared Video Ad Campaigns For March 2013 – Pranks & Hoaxes

March saw an unusual amount of prank and hoax videos making their way into the Unruly Top 20 this past month, with brands even getting in on the act and pulling off some rather extreme prank videos. Leading the way was Pepsi's Jeff Gordon "Test Drive" ad, which even with tremendous scrutiny over its validity, is still one of the most shared ads of all time.

More Delicious Video Good News: Ooyala’s 2012 Report

Ooyala just released their Global Video Index for 2012. No surprise here, video is being watched more and more at crazier and crazier rates, and over a wide range of devices. There is still a huge opportunity for brands to get on board and take advantage of the wave.

5 Social Video Advertising Myths – Busted!

These are truly exciting times for marketers. With 4 billion connected consumers willing to share branded content, there has never been a better time for a bran...