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Brand Demand Outstrips Creator Supply On Channel Pages

Channel Pages is only two months old but it already has 30 million subscribers and 300 million monthly views. The collaboration platform matches creators with creators and creators with brands, and right now, the demand from brands is outstripping supply, which is great news for YouTubers.

Earned Media Rankings on YouTube Have Arrived with Octoly

Did you know that 99% of Apple related content viewed on YouTube is created by individuals outside of the company? Earned Media is a powerful and effective marketing strategy and at last there is a tool that can help brands identify their most engaged fan base.

40% Of Top 1000 Shared Instagram Videos Are Brand Led, Snoopy Is Top Dog

Instagram Video only launched in June but it's already attracting huge brand attention. 40% of the top 1000 shared Instagram videos last month were brand led, with Peanuts, GE, Nike, MTV, Disney and Red Bull all benefiting from super short form video marketing.

How Ricky Riot Became An Instant YouTube Hit And Drove Sales [Case Study]

Video Content Marketing is a hot topic for online marketers these days. But how does it fit within your own online marketing mix? Creativa worked with a national chain of retail art and craft stores to help build video content marketing in to their strategy. The results drove new customers in to stores.

YouTube’s New Cross Promotion Feature Makes Branding, Discovery Easier

We give YouTube a lot of grief over some of the features it introduces but we are really excited about this new one. It finally allows cross promotion of video content between channels - whether they are your own or other creators. We think it has the potential to make branding and promotion so much easier.

TV Shows Trounce Other Mainstream YouTube Content [Study]

TV Shows do fantastically well on YouTube for two reasons - they bring their audience with them and they have a golden supply of content that can re-purposed for the YouTube audience. A new study from OpenSlate shows us just how well the main TV show channels fare online.

Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Your Video Advertising Campaign [Video]

Our next-to-last panel at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit was "Best Practices to Optimize the Video Advertising Opportunity," and we had experts from TubeMogul, Google, Essence, and Mediasmith telling us all about the best practices when it comes to advertising in online video.

Why Video Sharing Matters More Than You Might Realize

While a lot of us care about how many views a video gets, it's really the sharing that matters most, especially for brands--when friends share with friends, video gets instant credibility from it, and it doesn't have the intrusiveness of a brand directly marketing to a consumer.

Think Like a TV Exec: How to Create a Successful Branded Series

Today's marketplace provides a unique challenge for brands of simply being heard. Brands must find new ways to connect and entertain their audience through branded content to support their marketing efforts. Brands must be willing to take a risk to try new things.

Meet The ‘Kids’ Behind Premium Video Content [INTERVIEW]

We talk to Jason Berger of Kids At Play, who have made web series on Yahoo and YouTube channels like LOUD and IGN Start, as well as creating social video campaigns with top brands, like Purina. What is the formula for their success?
Social Video vs. Viral Video

Move Over Viral, We’ve Entered the Age of Social Video

As social video becomes of more prominence in online video buys and of increasing interest to brands in all verticals, it seems helpful to have a full look at the current landscape of social video, its players, buying tactics, strategies, results from social video campaigns, as well as what's on the horizon for social video.