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TV-like Metrics Hit Display Ads with Google/comScore Deal

Google is caving in to pressure over its internal metrics and allowing comScore to integrate directly into another product. This time, it's DoubleClick getting some TV-like metrics as well as some brand lift surveys and measurement, all in real-time. This could ultimately allow for broad spectrum, cross-platform, cross-media programmatic buying thanks to comparable metrics in one interface.

Video Ads in the Living Room See Success on Smart TVs, Game Consoles [Report]

YuMe and Interpet crunched some numbers on a couple multi-device campaigns and came back with some positive results in terms of things like brand rating, recommendation and purchasing. Without the full reports it's hard to gauge the numbers in terms of 'should you be moving budget dollars into these types of ads.' Hopefully, more information will make for more conclusive determination on the impact of these types of ads.
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How to Build a Top-Notch YouTube Commerce Strategy that Drives Sales

A good video marketing strategy will help you gain visibility in your field, an amazing video marketing strategy has the ability to transform your brand and drive huge sales of your product or service. We take a look at real life examples.
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ReelSEO Viral Video Of The Week: Chipotle's The Scarecrow

Having won awards for their previous video campaign, Chipotle have again produced something very special that has already attracted over 5.8 Million views in just one week. 'The Scarecrow' is a beautifully produced animated video highlighting issues with the modern food industry.
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YouTube's New Cross Promotion Feature Makes Branding, Discovery Easier

We give YouTube a lot of grief over some of the features it introduces but we are really excited about this new one. It finally allows cross promotion of video content between channels - whether they are your own or other creators. We think it has the potential to make branding and promotion so much easier.

Tips and Best Practices to Optimize Your Video Advertising Campaign [Video]

Our next-to-last panel at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit was "Best Practices to Optimize the Video Advertising Opportunity," and we had experts from TubeMogul, Google, Essence, and Mediasmith telling us all about the best practices when it comes to advertising in online video.
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Playstation Interactive YouTube Video Could Make You A Winner

Playstation are very active on YouTube with over 1.7 Million subscribers and 246 Million + views so what better place to launch an interactive video that gives serious gamers the chance to bid on some unique and one off Playstation memorabilia.
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Video Marketing with a Coupon Mentality: Why This Shouldn't Be the Approach

It seems like all brands need is a "viral video" and they'll have this video thing mastered. But showing your commitment to video, and finding a way to sell without selling, and creating a relationship with your customers is way more important than driving sales for a brief period or increasing brand recognition.
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Video and Alcohol: What Beer, Wines, and Spirits Need to Keep In Mind

Unruly has found some interesting things out about video and the alcohol industry. Namely, they should be using it a lot more. Only four ads make up 97 percent of the entire social video market. Many brands are missing out on some great opportunities.

Top 10 Brand Movers on YouTube According to Socialbakers

Socialbakers presented their top 10 brands by YouTube subscriber growth. What separates most brands on YouTube from others is their consistent content, although sometimes it's just because you're a popular brand who every once in awhile has an ad or a trailer for a highly-anticipated product.