Computer-based Video Consumption Climbed 157% in Past Five Years

Five years on, computer-based video consumption is going big time. We all knew it would. Nielsen provides some nice insight into not only who is watching it but also on what device and a bit of what kind of content they're watching. So jump on and enjoy the ride.

Video Ads in the Living Room See Success on Smart TVs, Game Consoles [Report]

YuMe and Interpet crunched some numbers on a couple multi-device campaigns and came back with some positive results in terms of things like brand rating, recommendation and purchasing. Without the full reports it's hard to gauge the numbers in terms of 'should you be moving budget dollars into these types of ads.' Hopefully, more information will make for more conclusive determination on the impact of these types of ads.

UltraViolet Expands Service to UK

UltraViolet is now rapidly picking up steam. Nearly every time a movie hits disc, it's in a triple pack with DVD, Blu-Ray and UV digital version. Now, it's read...

Wireless Home Digital Interface Product Roundup

Unlike, well, pretty much everyone, I have had a WHDI device in my house for much of the year. What is it? WHDI is wireless HD video streaming and it is brillia...

Samsung Google TV Devices Are On The Way

Wha?! Really?! Those sneaky so-and-so's! You might all recall me being a proponent of Samsung because of the way they've been handling their three screen strate...