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Google's New SEO Changes Coming This Summer

Google is updating the search algorithm again. One possible effect to video is the targeting of sites that use advertorials without full disclosure. There are a number of other black hat spamming techniques being addressed, but Google's Matt Cutts explains it better than I do in a video Google released.

The Dark Side of Online Video?

Just as there are white hat and black hat hackers, SEO companies and just about everything else in the world, there is also black hat online video...the so-call...

Tips for Avoiding Deceptive SEO

The good folks over at Small Business Trends have compiled a quick list of how not to get fleeced by your SEO company. Since we at ReelSEO feel no one should ev...

Video SEO BlackHats Attack Google Video Search

According to ZDnet, during the past few days, Google Video has been targeted by a group of SEO Blackhatters who have already managed to hijack more than 400K se...