April fools

16 of the Best YouTube April Fool’s Day Pranks (So Far)

It's become an annual tradition for YouTube, often in conjunction with Google, to pull some kind of prank on the public on April 1st. Just before this year's April Fool's Day, we take a look back at some of the best hoaxes from the site. How many did you fall for?

April Fool’s 2014: How The Fans on YouTube Got the Last Laugh

Brands have recognized April Fools as a yearly, can’t miss opportunity, to grab people’s attention in a unique, humorous way. But what were the biggest trends and success stories from every PR department's favorite day on the Internet? Let's review April Fool's 2014!

Viral Video Friday: Pokemon, Internet Cats and Nutella

In our pick of the best videos of the week we try and become a Pokemon Master for Google, watch internet cats react to internet cats, on the internet, and re-live the Mentos/Coke experiment, now with added Nutella. Welcome to Viral Video Friday.

5 Best Branded Vines of the Week: 2nd April 2014

The best Vines of the last 7 days include Dunkin Donuts teasing us with some April Foolery, Samsung Mobile helping a pudgy puppy on his way to fitness, Samsung Camera and its never-ending camera loop, and Coca-Cola with its solution to that old-age problem of too many napkins but not enough soda.

YouTube and Google: The VERY Best April Fools’ Day Pranks, 2008-2013

Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day and in the next day or so we can expect around two dozen April Fools’ Day pranks from Google and YouTube. We take a look back at some of the very best jokes from the company from the past few years. How many will they fool this year?

Gritty Calvin and Hobbes and The World Without A Sun [Fun Video Friday]

In this week's Fun Video Friday we really find out what happens when the Earth loses the sun. We also see what happens when Times Square goes backwards. And one airline has a solution for that awful "kids" problem on airplanes. And if you want to see absolutely stunning time-lapse photography of New Zealand, you've come to the right place.

YouTube’s Prank A Tremendous Execution in Marketing

YouTube may have pulled off a masterstroke when it came to their April Fools Day shenanigans, declaring "The End of YouTube." Behind that April Fools joke was a very successful marketing plan, and it appears to have worked like gangbusters.

Vimeo’s April Fools Joke: Vimeow

Oh, April Fools isn't over. Vimeo decided to get in on the fun by rebranding their site, "Vimeow," as a one-stop source for all things cat video. Considering the high-quality pedigree of Vimeo, poking fun at the general perception of YouTube suits them nicely.

Rhett & Link’s April Fools Uses Trick Annotations to Prank Viewers

Master YouTubers Rhett & Link have made a masterful April Fools video that will have you scratching your head at first. Why can't I get to the "Funny Baby Panda Kiss?" Why can't I see this video? Why are there so many ads? With a little ingenuity in chapter annotations, Rhett & Link have pulled off a great prank. But don't forget to watch the content.

April Fools Pranks: Google vs. YouTube is an Uneven Contest

It's April Fool's again, which means YouTube and Google will be pulling out all sorts of video pranks this year. With YouTube primarily focused on video and Google primarily focused on search domination, you would think YouTube would come out with the best video pranks. Not so.