The Super Bowl has historically been the best day on the calendar for the advertising industry. Not only is it usually the most watched TV event of the year but the ads have become as much a part of the attraction as the actual football game itself.

YouTube initially capitalized on this in 2009 by re-airing all the Super Bowl spots and having viewers vote on their favorite. Since water cooler discussion after the Superbowl often revolves around the quality of the ads and inevitably leads to comparisons, the contest is a way to both quantify that national discussion and make it interactive.

Last year, YouTube expanded its Superbowl coverage with the Ad Blitz Pre-Game ad program that would air content similar to a pre-game show. Even better than the Superbowl pre-game show it runs for weeks beforehand (although there’s no telling whether Network TV won’t eventually do that if they’re shameless enough).

YouTube’s Ad Blitz PreGame Program Expanded Even Further

This year, the YouTube blog announced Ad Blitz PreGame program has been expanded to include a more comprehensive packaging of videos. In addition to sports content from channels like FOX Sports and Bleacher Report, the channel incorporates food and party suggestions from popular channels Howcast and FoodWishes. with comedy from another sub channel, Tailgating Tales.

Howcast ranks 2nd among YouTube channels in the how-to and style category of VidStats X rankings in terms of viewings (739 million). However, it ranks 30th in terms of subscribers at (535,000) which maybe suggests a lack of brand loyalty. This should prove a bigger boost to the FoodWishes channel which ranks 59th in its category in views with 87.2 million. According to VidStats X, BetterWishes, has seen a subscriber increase of 1.6% in the past week.

Bring A Little Humor Into Your PreGame Prep

Tailgating Tales features content by The NOC, which bills themselves as an entertainment channel about the personalities and lives of athletes. They have a modest viewership of just under 200,000 views.

The Pre-Game videos run through February 2 and can be found off, after which consumers will be able to watch and vote on favorite game commercials on the same Ad Blitz channel.

Procter & Gamble’s Tide signed up with the National Football League in 2012  with a Super Bowl-themed slogan “Trusted by All 32 Teams” and inviting viewers to “Watch the Evolution of your Team’s Colors at” In another interactive interface fans are invited to share their favorite colors in the comment section. Clicking on any team logo leads to Tide’s NFL site where fans can learn about the evolution of the uniforms and team colors of any team.


TV still accounts for 58 percent of P&G’s overall media spend, or $1.72 billion with print coming in at about a third – so we can only guess at what proportion of the final 9% has gone to YouTube.