For those of you who missed it the first time, we at ReelSEO have put together the complete list of this year’s Super Bowl TV advertisers (36 total so far), along with their respective YouTube brand channels and Super Bowl teaser videos.  I watched them all and give my own awards to those that stand out from the pack.

The 2011 Super Bowl TV Advertisers, and YouTube presence

One thing I found of particular interest after putting together this list. A couple of this years’s TV advertisers – Budweiser and Snickers – who have produced several commercials in years past that are regarded as part of the top 10 Super Bowl commercials ever made, still don’t have their own YouTube channel

Confirmed Super Bowl TV ads (as of 2/3/2011) Official YouTube (Super Bowl) Brand Channel 2011 Super Bowl YouTube Videos
Anheuser-Busch InBev (None found)
(Stella Artois does have a brand channel, but nothing with their Super Bowl ad)
Audi AudiofAmerica Audi Big Game 2011 Teaser – Startled Smart
Audi Big Game 2011 Teaser – Kenny G Riot Suppressor (Part 2) (Audi has this same commercial play in multiple languages on their YouTube websites, such as AudiClubEspana and AudiCzechRepublic)
Best Buy (none) n/a
BMW bmw n/a
Bridgestone Bridgestone Super Bowl Bridgestone Teaser – Reply All
Captain America (Movie Trailer) (Paramount Pictures) (none) n/a careerbuilder CareerBuilder – Parking Lot
CarMax CarMaxTV n/a Carscom (Actual commercial) Super Bowl 2011 Commercial: Go First
(Actual commercial) Super Bowl 2011 Commercial: The Reviews are In
Coca Cola cocacola
Cowboys & Aliens (Movie from Universal Studios / IGNEntertainment) IGN Entertainment Cowboys & Aliens Trailer
Doritos CrashtheSuperBowl Crash the Super Bowl contest finalists:
Best Part
Birthday Wish
Adam & Eve
Pug Attack
House Sitting
E-Trade etrade NEW Uncensored E*TRADE Baby (Teaser – “Didn’t make it into this year’s Big Game”)
GM gmblogs (ad not available on channel, but is available on superbowladsman) 2011 GM Chevy Super Bowl Commercial “Bumblebee”
Go Daddy godaddy Go Daddy 2011 Super Bowl Ad – The Contract (Official)
Groupon groupon n/a
HomeAway homeawayvacation HomeAway Commercial for Super Bowl XLV – Test Baby – Ministry of Detourism
‪Extended Version of the HomeAway Commercial for Super Bowl XLV
Hyundai HMAUSA 2011 Elantra: Sheep or 2011 Elantra: Childhood
2011 Hyundai Sonata Family
Kia KiaMotorsAmerica 2011 Kia Optima: “One Epic Ride” Big Game Commercial
Kung Fu Panda 2 (Paramount Pictures) n/a Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Trailer Official (HD)
Limitless (movie by Relativity Media LLC & I Am n/a Limitless – Official Trailer (HD)
Mercedes-Benz MeredesBenzTV Trailer ‘Speed Date’ Making of ‘Speed Date’
Motorola motorola Goodbye 1984: Super Bowl Ad Teaser (n/a on own brand channel, though)
Pepsi Max® CrashtheSuperBowl Elevator Girl
Love Hurts
First Date
Torpedo Cooler
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides disneypirates Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides: 10 Sec Preview Spot
Rango (Movie trailer by Paramout Pictures) n/a Rango | OFFICIAL trailer US (2011)
Rio Movie trailer featuring Angry Birds (FOX Movies) FoxMovies Angry Birds Rio Trailer
Salesforce Salesforce Trailer – The Making of Do Impossible Things As A Team
Skechers SKECHERS n/a
Snickers (Mars, Inc.) n/a n/a
Super 8 Movie Trailer (Paramount Pictures) n/a Super 8 – Official Movie Trailer (HD)
Suzuki SuzukiAutomotive ‪Suzuki – Kizashi vs. Wicked Weather :93
Teleflora TelefloraFlowers Teleflora – Faith Hill Behind the Scenes
Thor (movie trailer, MARVEL) MARVEL Thor – Trailer (OFFICIAL)
Transformers 3 (Paramount Pictures) n/a Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Trailer – Official (HD)
Volkswagen volkswagen Volkswagen Commercial: The Force