Hello, all.  It’s the July 4 weekend, so watching videos should be ultra-fun today for many of you who are off of work for a change.  Pretty much everything is covered in this week’s Fun Video Friday: finally someone translated Anchorman into an 8-bit RPG.  This week’s round of educational videos may be some of the best I’ve seen assembled, giving us knowledge on everything from the 50 states, to the EU, to why things are creepy.  And there are a great amount of tunes to enjoy.  All-in-all, a pretty eclectic and satisfying mix.

Fun Video Friday for July 5, 2013

RC planes, tanks, and helicopters engage in heavy combat, courtesy of Final Cut King:

Cinefix brings us 8-bit animation of Anchorman:

A compilation of YouTube commenters of the E3, read in dramatic fashion (some bad language):

Overly Attached Girlfriend on how to make a sandwich for your man:

Hannah Hart does a My Drunk Kitchen outdoors, on July 4, called “Quick Camp:”

CDZA does an improvisation of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines:”

Rhett & Link sing a One Direction song using YouTube’s still-buggy voice-translated-caption feature:

Speaking of One Direction, JacksGap teams with Caspar Lee in trying to pick up girls using One Direction lyrics:

You want a mashup of all the top pop songs of the summer?  Boom.

Dude Perfect is already ready for some football with some NFL kicker trick shots:

“Traceur Elements” did this POV parkour video around Cambridge, UK:

You never thought of a semi-truck doing gymkhana, until Michiel Becx does some serious Gymkhana in this semi-truck:

This duck amputee got a prosthetic foot and can walk around for the first time:

A compilation of cats doing that gurgle dance that signals an impending puke-fest:

This video is not fun at all from Dr. Ernie Ward, veterinarian.  But it’s a good message about leaving your pets in a hot car, even if the windows are cracked.  Nothing graphic or shocking or anything, but does get the point across:

Matrix-style, bullet-time fireworks:

Mental Floss gives us facts about all 50 States:

Minute Physics explains the North and South Pole, and how they’re changing all the time:

You ever wonder what the heck the European Union is, and why it is?  CGP Grey is here to help:

VSauce asks, “Why Are Things Creepy?”

As always, have a terrific Friday.