We spend so much time praising those great examples of quality branded video that it’s easy to forget how much bad video is out there. Seriously… some of it really sucks. It’s probably part of why author Steve Stockman decided to write “How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck”–well, that and a clear love for helping people understand and excel with online video. When it’s done with the best intentions (and the tongue squarely in the cheek), pointing out a video’s sucky-ness can actually be a kind gesture, at least when it’s coupled with constructive criticism.

So in that spirit, ReelSEO and Steve Stockman are excited to tell you about a new kind of online video awards program… one that singles out the worst examples of business video we can find… The Sucky Video Awards, AKA, the SUCKIES. And you can win by simply nominating any video that you think is terrible.

Help Us Find The Worst Business Video On The Web in 2011

Bad lighting? We want it. Horrible microphone and audio? We’d like to see that. Terrible editing? Yes please. Go ahead readers… bring us the very worst example of business video you can find–commercial, web series, educational video, training clip, etc.–and we’ll let you vote to help us pick the winners.

Oh, and to show that we’re really not doing this in a mean spirited fashion, expert video producer and author Steve Stockman will take and analyze the 10 finalist nominees’ video entries and will provide constructive criticism to help educate those that want to make sure that their videos, are the best that they can be.

PRIZES: Win 1 of 5 Kodak Video Cameras & Copies of Steve’s Book

We’ll have plenty of prizes too, and you can win just by nominating a video (even if you didn’t make that video). In fact, you could walk away with a copy of Stockman’s book or one of five Kodak Zx5 Pocket Video Cameras!

The first person to submit what turns out to be 2011’s Suckiest Business Video wins a Kodak Playsport Pocket Video Camera and a copy of How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck. However, everyone who submits a nomination will be entered into a drawing to win one of four additional Kodak Pocket Video Cameras and copies of Steve’s book. Readers can vote on the video they think is the worst which will help to establish the eventual winning entrant who will, of course, deserve a trophy suitable to the award.

Enter Contest – Nominate a Reel Sucky Video

Rules & Eligibility:
All that’s required is for you to submit any business or promotional video that you think is truly awful. This does NOT have to be a video that you’re involved with (though kudos if you’re willing to submit your own). Any publicly available business video posted in 2011, whether it’s a commercial, branded web series, training video, or any other kind of business video, qualifies. If it sucks, it’s eligible (complete rules can be found here).

  • The nomination process begins on 12/11 and all entries will need to be received by 12/31/2011.
  • Winner will be announced on 1/9/2012 and will be notified via email.

So what are you waiting for? You have your marching orders… go find us some examples of sucky business videos, nominate, view and vote, and win some non-sucky prizes!