So, the internet blew up with news that Oscilloscope Laboraties was going to stream their movie It’s A Disaster over Vine and Twitter tonight.  And they totally did so through Twitter until people following them told Oscilloscope they didn’t want to see the movie this way and thus moved the show to the Vine app for the remainder.  Vine, of course, has the limitations of a 6-second burst of video, so yes, the footage is of someone holding a phone at the screen and essentially pirating their own movie.  It is, of course, no way to watch a movie really, but the press it got was amazing.

‘It’s A Disaster’ on Vine: Will It Work?

The movie will be released on VOD on March 5 and will get a theatrical release on April 12.  And they just gave out the movie for free if you wanted to see it in six-second bursts and in poor quality.  It’s actually a really funny stunt.  But will it work to make the movie a success?  One thing the movie doesn’t have going for it is that it’s a “black comedy,” and people don’t tend to flock to those in theaters.  But, you can bank on the fact that a whole lot of people know about the movie that didn’t before, and they may have actually increased the desire to see it.  It won’t be a blockbuster, but it’s doubtful that’s what Oscilloscope was looking for anyway.

Here’s a trailer.  Lots of recognizable faces such as David Cross and Julia Stiles in it, plus character actors you’ve definitely seen before:

This is definitely an interesting experiment.  I don’t know how many people actually saw it this way, but Oscilloscope definitely raised the bar for creative Vine usage and raised awareness of their movie, and I think they achieved their goals.  Another question is what this does for Vine itself, since the limitations of the app make it hard to do anything major with it other than previewing bigger projects.  Still, this is a fun experiment and I hope the movie succeeds based on having the guts to do it.