The tipping point is rapidly approaching as we, as a society, are ready to flip from a physical rental society to a digital delivery society. According to Rentrak and Screen Digest anyway, who say that it might not be too long before online streaming tops physical disc rentals.Sure, rentals of DVD and Blu-Ray discs totaled up some $5.65 billion last year according to Rentrak, but it’s got the hot breath of digital streaming on its neck and 2011 saw a 3.4% drop overall with a massive slide of 21.3% in Q4 when compared with Q4 2010.

2012 looks like it could finally be the year of streaming video-on-demand in terms of market share according to Screen Digest, who state that there will be around 3.4 billion legal, paid, streaming video views. Compared to physical disc views it could be over a billion more, finally tipping the market share in favor of services like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and UltraViolet.

This means that there could be even more opportunities to get your brand and your product in front of online video viewers. If it is truly becoming the preeminent home video entertainment choice it could mean far more inventory for video ads and the like. Not only that but it could also increase complementary content viewing. If someone is searching for a sci-fi film to watch online they might stumble across your sci-fi web series and take a peek at it only to get hooked etc. That could help turn online video into the number one way to get movie rentals, and why not?

After all, there’s no kiosk to run to, no mailing of discs and a good portion of the quality of those physical medium. DVD and Blu-Ray will always have a place in the world, but for many, especially younger audiences, they see streaming video as the most convenient and quickest way to get access to video entertainment.