As you may already know, we were delighted to be a part of this year’s Streaming Media West conference and satellite conference, the Online Video Platform Summit.  In addition to my participation on the panel session titled, “Optimizing Video Search and Discoverability,” Grant Crowell and I were able to capture several interviews with thought leaders at the show.  The first is our interview with Dan Rayburn, the EVP of, the man behind the Streaming Media conferences, and a true thought-leader when it comes to all things online video.

In this interview, Grant spoke with Dan about several things, including the focus of the show this year, trends, and monetization.

My favorite quote from Dan in this interview is with regard to monetization:

” The trend that we are seeing is that it is not just about monetization.  It’s about using the best technology to solve the correct business problem.  In some cases, you don’t need to monetize your content.  So, we’ve got some small business owners here who are talking about how they are using video to help sell products online.  So, they’re not actually using it for monetization, they’re using it for marketing purposes which in the long run helps them monetize their products and services.”

As for the show’s success, according to Dan, in an interview with, this year’s show was a big success:

“the great thing at Streaming Media West is its larger than we had last year. At a time when the economy is still pretty poor for a lot of companies, there are still a lot of companies here.  There are a lot of new companies here which is nice to see.”

Official attendance numbers aren’t available yet, but according to, it was the best-attended in recent memory, and the new Online Video Platform Summit added an expanded focus to the event.