If you dabble at all in product videos for any reason, and you have a list of New Year’s Resolutions, you should consider adding one more. I know, I know… you’re already struggling to keep the ones you have. But this one’s easy, I promise, because Treepodia has already done all of the work for you. All you have to do is soak it in.

In the Product Video Best Practice Guide 2012, Treepodia lays out in 10 pages some of the most effective tips and strategies for online product video, and it’s pretty great stuff. They definitely work in plenty of content about their own services, but that’s to be expected, and the root advice is sound for Treepodia customers and non-customers alike. Plus, a lot of the guide is informed by Treepodia’s real-world data and analysis of what does and doesn’t work in product video.

Chapters in the Product Video Best Practice Guide 2012 include:

  • Product Videos & Ecommerce
  • Product Videos For SEO – Opportunity & Challenge
  • Treepodia – Automated Ecommerce Video
  • More Effective Than Production Video
  • Finding the “Video Sweet Spot”
  • Elements For Creating Good Videos
  • Integration
  • Dynamic Video Sitemap

You’ll get some pretty good insight too along the way, like:

Product videos are one of the single most effective ways to boost search engine rankings and increase a website’s chances for first page SERP (search engine result page) visibility, especially since Google and Bing started dedicating part of their top SERP to video content for certain queries


Customizing video templates to include a play icon as the first frame shown in the video player has been found to exponentially increase visitors’ interactions and the overall number of video plays.

If your video marketing world ever crosses paths with product video work, then find a few minutes in your day to read through the Treepodia Product Video Best Practice Guide 2012. I’m quite sure you’ll find some useful nuggets to help frame and inform your 2012 efforts.