You Otto know by now, SpotXchange is on the rise. To help prove that point, they were among one of the first ad networks to nail down an IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) certification. It’s a self-certification process and training program that lets clients know that SpotX has reached the upper echelons in regards to buyer control and transparency (the keyword of 2011 it seems).

The IAB QAG was only finalized back in 2010 so SpotXchange must have been hard at work for the past few months. “SpotXchange and the other ad networks announcing certification today are helping build trust, and are leading the industry by undergoing the rigorous process required for accreditation,” said Gina Kim, Senior Director, Industry Initiatives for IAB.

To receive this certification, SpotXchange has conducted an intensive internal audit over the past six months and has assigned a compliance officer to adhere to the guidelines. By self-certifying, SpotXchange has committed to the following:

  • Allow for transparency of inventory sources, publisher relationships, content levels and ad placement details
  • Provide universally defined content categories for advertisers
  • Apply standard rating system to content for various audience segments
  • Outline data disclosure terms for off-site behavioral targeting and third-party data
  • Attend regular IAB training (all appointed compliance officers)

“We’ve operated under the guiding principles of transparency and accountability since day one, so we’re encouraged to see that the IAB is spearheading an industry-wide effort to get all companies in the digital ad space to ensure video ads only appear on brand-safe websites ,” said Mike Shehan, CEO of SpotXchange.

Congrats to Mike and crew (who I know always read ReelSEO)!