With all the good news that’s been associated with Vine since it arrived a few short months ago, there’s a thought that the 6-second video sharing app may face a tough challenge when Instagram announces video capability later today.  Considering that Vine just recently passed Instagram according to Twitter usage, Instagram is probably very eager to come out with a so-called “Vine killer.”

Anticipating Instagram’s new toy, Vine has been making some improvements and have teased some of these potential changes in Vines being released by founders Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusopov.  Nothing set in stone, Hofmann and Yusopov’s teasers have gotten experts pouring over their Vines to try to pinpoint exactly what Vine has cooking to battle Instagram’s entry into the video-sharing fray.

What Vine Changes Can You See?

From Dom Hofmann:

What’s being speculated/spotted:

The Verge sees a visual redesign, where the Vine now may take up the whole screen as opposed to individual boxes.  The space where all the social engagement stuff like comments, likes, and shares will be overlaid on the bottom of the post, along with the video capture button.

Both The Verge and TechCrunch see that, with the redesign, users should now be able to create a number of Vines at once, being able to save a draft and move on to another one, which isn’t possible under the current version.

Category additions are being spotted.  Right now, you have a choice among popular hashtags, but new categories are set to emerge with the update.

AllThingsD sees text inside the photos, and another interesting speculation: the possibility of a private messaging feature.

There’s so much going so fast in these Vines, who knows exactly what the ultimate changes will be?  Maybe a pause feature should be in order, right?  Anyway, we’re about to see micro-video wars heating up this summer.