The 3rd Annual Streamys were held last night and despite having handed out quite a bit of hardware a few days ago, the event had a lot of big awards left to hand out, including the Audience Choice awards for Best Series and Best Online Personality.  A number of acting trophies and genre awards were handed out as well.  But look, this show had Larry King in attendance and he gave out the award for Best First Person Series, which went to Daily Grace.  It was a big night overall for Philip DeFranco and Grace Helbig, as they took home a couple of awards apiece.

Audience Choice Awards Go to SourceFed, Daily Grace

A summary of the awards handed out last night:

  • Ken Marino won Best Male Performance (Comedy) for the “Bachelor” spoof Burning Love, a show which also took Best Comedy Series and Best Ensemble Cast and won 4 total awards for an amazing Streamys run.
  • Hannah Hart won Best Femal Performance (Comedy) for her performance on the cracked cooking show My Drunk Kitchen (some bad language):

  • Missy Peregrym won Best Female Performance (Drama) for Yahoo’s Cybergeddon.
  • Obviously one of my favorites, Xander Berkeley took Best Male Performance (Drama) for his outstanding work on Hulu’s The Booth at the End.
  • Longtime YouTuber KassemG won Best Host for California On.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History continued to win awards with Peter Shukoff winning Best Online Musician, the show’s third.
  • Tom Hanks’ Yahoo series Electric City won Best Animated Series.
  • The much-anticipated and well-received Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn took home its 5th Streamy with Best Drama Series.

  • Bryan Singer’s H+ The Digital Series won its 2nd award with Best Action or Sci-Fi Series.
  • Philip DeFranco won for Best News and Culture Series for The Philip DeFranco Show, and he wasn’t done as SourceFed took the Audience Choice Award for Series of the Year.  Here’s the SourceFed gang accepting their award (with a little bit of salty language):

  • Finally, Grace Helbig’s Daily Grace won two awards, Best First-Person Series and Audience Choice for Personality of the Year, which she accepted here (some bad language):

A somewhat secret big winner out of all this is Yahoo, which saw their series Burning Love, Electric City, and Cybergeddon all take home awards.  Congrats to all the winners!