sorenson-squeeze-6-aToday Sorenson Media announced the launch of the latest update to their video encoding software program, Squeeze 6.  Read my interview with Sorenson’s CEO and President Peter Csathy on why his company is billing this update, the first in over a year, as “first total video workflow solution” for businesses. (Click the play button at the bottom of this post to listen to our podcast for my initial review of the software.)

Company Brief: Sorenson Media

Some super-brief background on Sorenson Media:

  • The company been around since 1995.
  • Their Sorenson Spark video technology is one of the longest-available and widely used codecs. It was the first video codec in Apple QuickTime and Macromedia Flash (Now Adobe). And up until fairly recently, all YouTube videos were encoded in Spark as well.

What’s new with Squeeze 6: Faster, Better Quality, Improved UI, and Better Workflow

Sorenson_Squeeze6_Box_ShotSorenson’s press release covers all of the new features of Squeeze 6, including:

  • Improved video quality and encoding speed
  • One-step publishing and syndication, which they tout as “set it and forget it.”
  • Review, approval, and notification capabilities for both account holders and clients/collaborators (via email or text message, web or mobile)
  • Enhanced user interface (UI), including an intro screen of tutorial videos for new users, and;
  • Direct publishing and syndication to more video sharing sites (YouTube, Twitter), and content delivery networks (Akamai, Limelight)
  • More presets and filters.
  • Encoding filter On2VP6 included
  • Improved integration with AVID, Final Cut Pro, QuickTime Pro, and iMovie
  • Complimentary account for all Squeeze 6 purchasers to Sorenson’s own video publishing platform and delivery network, Sorenson 360.
  • Training videos now included with software purchase.
Squeeze 6's new user interface (UI)

Squeeze 6's new user interface (UI)

The price is $799 for new users ($499 for Flash-only module), and $199 for the upgrade – with same pricing for Mac and Windows.

Interview with Sorenson Media’s President and CEO, Peter Csathy.

How significant is this software release compared to previous versions of Squeeze?

Peter Csathy, President & CEO, Sorenson MediaPeter: This is a significant produce release for us. We haven’t had a new product released for well over a year now. It’s more of a melding with our 360 Product into a total workflow solution. That’s the central theme of Squeeze 6: It’s no longer just a stand-alone application for video encoding; it’s now a total workflow solution for the video professional and the business user.

What challenges are you looking to solve for video professionals and business users with this new release?

Previously, the video professional has had multiple ‘pain points’ along their workflow journey. They may have used Squeeze and that’s great, but then there’s all the other things that they need – the publishing, hosting, streaming, analytics – all pieces they need as part of their overall workflow solution. That’s what we’ve tied together with Squeeze 6; we’re making the process as painless as possible for the video professional, so they can get back to their work.

Here’s a great line from one video professional: video encoding is the modern-day equivalent to watching paint dry. Up until this time, the video professional has been chained to their desk in many respects. They would start a job, not know when it was finished, there wasn’t any interactivity really available on the mobile side to make things happen efficiently from a time perspective. That video professional also had a bunch of disjointed tools to work with. We’re solving that, and the need is obviously greater than before, because professional video content is growing by leaps and bounds.

At the end of that day, for that video professional and for businesses that rely upon video (and that will essentially be all businesses in the next couple of years), as one of our own customers has said, “quality is credibility.” Consumer-grade videos are just not enough. And that’s for all of the things that go with that – the lack of control, the advertisements – all of that. Quality is credibility – whether someone is marketing their services, their wares, themselves, or their brand.

What were trying to do with our legacy is raise the bar again. There are 3 themes you’ll see: Our first one that I mentioned is our central theme – that Squeeze 6 is a total solution. It’s also the quality. We’ve raised the bar ourselves with the video quality with our industry-winning H.264 compression, and making the encoding process as fast as possible. But it’s not just the encoding process; it’s the freedom. This will free up the video professional so they, and those who they work with, can be as efficient as possible.

Listen to my podcast show reviewing Squeeze 6, where I go into some of the new features, and discuss my own thoughts on how well it lives up to its billing of “the total video workflow solution.”