sorenson-squeezeFunny, just yesterday a friend and I were discussing how we felt that Sorenson had “missed the boat” so to speak in terms of offering a more simplified software solution for encoding web specifically for the web.  And last night, I found the following announcement on the Sorenson Media Blog

“Sorenson knows high quality online video and is excited to announce the release of Squeeze 5 MP4!  Ok, Ok -enough already! The masses have spoken and Sorenson Media has listened. Every week for the last 6 months or so, we have conducted a 30 minute product webinar to highlight the functionality of Squeeze 5.  At the end of the webinar,we spend 5 to 10 minutes answering questions and one that I’ve been asked many times is ‘Our company just needs to encode content for YouTube upload – how can we do this without it looking like garbage?'” – Kirk Punches, Director of Sales

Squeeze 5 MP4 is a new solution from Sorenson Squeeze designed for content producers who are simply looking to encode video content for online use.  The software is built upon the more professional version of their encoding tool, Squeeze 5 and delivers high quality h.264 codecs and offers a variety of high quality MPEG-4 output options that are used by leading studios for re-purposing their video content to the Internet, and to Apple iPods and iPhone mobile devices.

Although I have yet to try the software, it sounds like they have added some nice and easy special preset options for encoding video specifically for Youtube and for video podcasting purposes which should make for a more simplified process to encode video for the web.

The product is currently only being made available through authorized resellers at a price of only $99 USD, and I cant find anything on the homepage of about it.  Never-the-less, sounds like a move in the right direction.  If anyone has tried the software, please tell us what you think…  Thanks.