Sorenson Media today announced a series of robust new features within the Sorenson 360 online video platform “version 3”, which they say will provide their customers with increased flexibility and customizability to improve delivery of dynamic video content across the Web, along with integrating new Video SEO and social media tools.

Originally launched by Sorenson Media in 2009, Sorenson 360 is an online video platform that offers customers video encoding and transcoding, editing, exporting, storage, management, delivery and distribution for web video. Sorenson 360 works with Sorenson Media’s other video services and applications like Sorenson Squeeze and Sorenson Squeeze Server.

Sorenson 360’s Version 3.0 Features List:

Sorenson Media’s Press Release announced the new features in “version 3” of their Sorenson 360 platform, launching today for all users (and automatically included for all existing customers with a Sorenson 360 account), will include:

  • Full Video Player Compatibility: Users can now choose from all major video players, such as Flash, Quicktime, HTML5 and Silverlight, to publish video in the most popular formats, including Flash (Spark and VP6), MPEG-4 (H.264), WebM  (VP8) and Windows Media (VC1).
  • WebM Support: Sorenson 360 now supports WebM encoding and playback for users interested in creating Web environments using HTML5.
  • Facebook Integration: With an integrated button on the video player, users are able to post their video along with comments directly to their Facebook accounts.
  • Automated (Google) Video Sitemaps for SEO: Automated Video Sitemap creation will allow for consistent indexing by major search engines enabling customers to have their videos found, without repetitive manual effort.
  • Closed Captioning Support: Useful for compliance or providing subtitles as part of the video experience.
  • Direct Sorenson Squeeze Server Integration: For users with large volumes of video encoding and delivery needs, the Squeeze Server/Sorenson 360 integration is promised to improve streamlining the workflow from video encoding on the server side, to custom video management and delivery on the 360 platform.

“With more video formats and players than ever before, customers demand choice and control. We designed this new feature to give them both, without sacrificing the ease of use,” said Eric Quanstrom, COO of Sorenson Media.

Sorenson Media is, of course, keeping intact all of its earlier features, including:

  • Multi-user and sub-account functionality
  • Integration with the leading video production suites, such as Apple’s Final Cut and iMovie, Adobe Premiere and Avid’s suite of editing applications.
  • Embed codes and native support for iPhone, iPad and other Apple products
  • Detailed engagement analytics
  • HD video support
  • Scalable cloud service built on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, and;
  • APIs for developers

Pricing and Availability of Sorenson 360

Pricing for Sorenson 360 “small business” starts at $99/month and includes 50GB streaming bandwidth and 10GB storage. They also offer a 30-day free trial which includes up to 1GB of storage and 1GB streaming.  Additional pricing options can be found here.

Note: While Sorenson is an advertiser and supporter of ReelSEO, and while we do think highly of their 360 platform, this is NOT a paid post.