It’s CES people and time to bring the RAIN! As in a downpour of awesome announcements on cool new tech, services and everything connected. What’s been the big thing so far for me? Well the Sony press conference promised one login for everything and that my friends, is the holy grail of attention getters in my world. I’ll give you all the juicy details on everything I see, once I wipe the drool from my face. See how professional I am!?

The Sony CES 2012 press conference was, as always, as much spectacle as it was information. This year the special guest was Will Smith (woo!) and Kelly Clarkson (meh…). They showed off some MiB3 3D footage but that was not the highlight as far as I’m concerned. No No my friends. Here’s the list of highlights I saw there:

  • AVCHD Handycams with 20.4 Megapixels and 3D double full HD. They also have an adjustable depth setting to get better 3D effects.
  • Sony Entertainment Network – One universal ID, a digital wallet and access to all your content on all your Sony devices and PCs. It’s the single service we’ve been looking for with Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and it will all be on the Sony P Tablet (cool!) and the Playstation Vita (also cool!)
  • Play Memories – Online photo viewing, sharing and editing
  • New Xperia phones, since Sony bought Sony Ericsson, they will now be known as Sony Mobile Communications and the phones have some pretty amazing screens which promise a great video streaming experience. Too bad they always partner with AT&T and I will never, ever be an AT&T customer.
  • Sony announced they are making connected TVs powered by Google TV. We knew that. They’re also making a cool new Google TV powered media player, for those who don’t want to buy a whole new TV and it’s got a pretty snazzy remote to go with it. Touchpad, backlit keyboard, mic for voice search and new media remote apps that will allow control via smartphones.
  • X-Reality Pro – I didn’t get all the info on this just yet but basically it’s a two chip system where one is a TV and the second is a database of information about video and image processing. Basically, what it can do is restore data lost via file compression by extrapolating out what the content is, what the frames before and after contain and then put a best guess back into place. Like I said, I didn’t get all the info on it yet but that was what I got in a nutshell. That’s definitely on my go get more info list.
  • bloggie MP4 LIVE – Full HD with built in Wi-fi for live streaming and sharing. Even through Skype and with one-click uploading to social networks etc.
  • 4K Resolution – This is Sony’s version of Ultra HD or UD or whatever everyone is calling their specific tech. It’s four times HD resolution, so about 8,847,360 pixel or so, OK, it’s exactly that actually. Now you’ll be able to visually dive into those nostrils of your favorite big-nosed actor. Try that with 3D for a pretty gross experience I imagine. The 4K digital projector is already in some 10,000 theaters and they announced a 4K projector and I will definitely be trying to check into one of them when I can. They’re also bringing Blu-Ray players with 4K upscaling ability.

So that’s all I’ve got from Sony right now. I’ve got some time scheduled to get some more in-depth details on some of these technologies and their new Crystal LED which is using self-emitting (no backlighting I guess) RGB LEDs for TVs and I have to say, it was an amazingly bright and clear image.

They also showed off a 46 inch glasses-free 3D with a fairly good viewing angle. The 3D effect was definitely toned down from 3D with glasses but I didn’t have to refocus my eyes just to see it. It was actually kind of cool. If I moved my head side to side I could see a wavy part and that is how they’re doing it, offsetting the image as its sent to the viewer I guess.