There’s a great, great ad playing on YouTube right now and it’s gotten all sorts of buzz for the usual things, mainly being awesome.  Somersby Cider has made a great ad spoofing the way Apple does things.  And it makes total sense, because Cider is made partly from apples…so you can see where the “genesis” (seriously, that was not intended) of this ad began.  One thing though: when it was uploaded, viewers on Reddit and YouTube were giving Somersby hell for not uploading the video into a higher definition, as 360p was as high as it would go.  But does that change how people watch the video?

Somersby Cider Gets It Right: Does Low Quality Mean Much?

You have to look at a video’s “watchability” factor from several angles.  And the number one thing that matters is content.  This video has it:

And, after a mere couple of days, the video has nearly 500,000 views.  That’s really good.  And I doubt the people who would share this are going to say, “Hey, but it’s not in 720p or higher.  Bummer.”

Great content has a way of overcoming the “high quality” factor.  The problems that come from people not wanting to watch the video is poor sound, staticky or blurry video, and buffer time.  You’ve also got to consider: is this something that really needs 720-1080p?  I guess in this day and age, if you can avoid uploading a video that doesn’t conform at least close to the modern standards, you should avoid it.  But maybe Somersby had a budget issue, and we’ve talked many times before about the “Myths of YouTube,” and needing a super-slick high-quality video is one of them.

In the end, it’s an enjoyable video making fun of the Apple Store.  And Somersby just became a recognizable name to a bunch of people in the process.  You gotta love that, “I just downloaded!” exclamation.