Justin.tv is willing to learn and adapt to their users behavior. For example, the live-streaming video app they launched in 2010 was used by a lot of customers, but not for live video. In fact, over 90% of the video uploaded using the app was watched after the fact–on tape-delay, if you will. So now they’ve gone back to the drawing board to create a new mobile app, and it’s one that responds to user demand for social and sharing options for their video.

The app, called SocialCam, will be released in March, and is designed to let users film and then share video footage on the fly.

The app uploads video automatically, allows for tagging friends and acquaintances, and then shares the video across a variety of social media services.

Says Matthew DiPietro, Vice President of marketing and communications at Justin.tv:

“SocialCam is created to be social at its core. It takes the idea of watching home movies into the social generation.”

What’s fascinating to me is that the app appears to have very little–if anything–to do with live video, which is the core service of the parent company, Justin.tv. I understand a social video app… and one that uploads video automatically. I’m just a bit surprised to see that from Justin.tv. However, I guess it’s not too big a stretch to go from “live streaming video” to “video captured on the go.”

The app is currently in beta, and they are accepting testers. You can sign up at SocialCam.com. They hope to launch for both iOS and Android devices before South By Southwest in March.