This Thursday the video solutions provider Liveclicker will be hosting a free webinar, “The New Social Video – How to Build Relationships with Shoppers through Video.” I interviewed Liveclicker’s Justin Foster for a sneak preview on this event.

Social Video Commerce Webinar Info

November 17 at 10:30 AM – 11:30 PST (1:30 – 2:30 PM EST)

Register here or go to

Featured speakers will include

(Event Moderator) Justin Foster, Co-Founder/VP of Market Development, Liveclicker

Val DuVernet, Sr. Manager of Online Content for Advance Auto Parts

Jon Schroeder, Video Director of Crutchfield Electronics

What you will learn in this webinar

  • What exactly is a “social video” program, and what are the benefits
  • How social video is evolving in e-commerce, and;
  • How retailers and brands are becoming more successful by actively listening and interacting with their customers through video – including providing educational “How to” videos, or creating video responses to comments made on products.

Who this webinar is for

Enterprise-minded people who have an interest in building better customer relationships, including for those in the retail and e-commerce space. (While the examples given will be around B2C, there will be a lot of information that B2B’s can benefit from as well.)

Interview with Social Video Webinar Event Host, Liveclicker’s Justin Foster

Justin, what do you mean by doing ‘new’ social video?”

We mention on our webinar registration page, what really does it mean to have a social video program? If your videos are posted on YouTube, is that enough? If shoppers can share your content to Facebook, does that make it “social?” Some retailers think that simply by adding a “share” button to a video that it’s somehow going to become “social.” Others think that social video means that a video must go “viral” or have some kind of mass appeal.

We believe that there is a new “social paradigm” which transcends both of these ideas – it’s the idea that a retailer can connect with its shoppers at a human and personal level through the storytelling power of video, encouraging loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals both online and offline.

What have been the challenges for retailers with doing online video for shoppers? How do you propose that ‘social video’ can change that?”

Content production remains a central challenge for retailers, especially early to mid-stage video programs. Yet automating production does not need to occur at the expense of creating connections with shoppers that encourage viewing and sharing. By focusing on producing video content that builds relationships, loyalty, and word-of-mouth, retailers can extend the power of each video while creating long-lasting customer value.

Will these ‘new’ social video case studies you’ll be presenting at this webinar help someone with making their own case to their company that they should be doing social video?

I think so. Social is clearly a trend that is here to stay; retailers would be remiss to ignore such an important trend.  Still, retailers need to focus on harnessing the relationships between people to acquire new customers and drive key site metrics.  If a social video strategy can illustrate that’s possible, then it becomes a no-brainer.

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