SeenItYet is a social video discovery platform for people who like to entertain their friends.  It’s your source for the funniest new videos from across the internet and it’s also a more fun and interactive way to share your favorite videos.

How’s it work?

SeenItYet is both a video aggregator and a social networking platform. It allows you to develop lists of friends and then share videos you find with them. It utilizes a points system (like a Karate system with colored belts) to show your activity level on the site. At each level you attain, your rating counts for more up to black belt where you carry 10x the weight of someone who rates a video with a white belt. If you submit a video that does not make it to the ‘awesome’ area you will lose points. Losing points I guess shows you are not cool and don’t understand what content the site is looking for.

How Useful is it?

The site is still in private beta but as a way to get your video out to the world it has some potential. However you do not upload the video to the site. Instead you must submit it to one of the following sites that they accept submissions from:

  • Break
  • CollegeHumor
  • FunnyOrDie
  • Hulu
  • Metacafe
  • MySpace
  • SuperDeluxe
  • YouTube

This of course means that your video will be limited based on the site that you are submitting to. For example, if you submit to Hulu, someone outside of the U.S. will not be able to see the video, even if you share it with them, because of Hulu’s rules. So there are serious limitations to the SeenItYet service.

Basically the site is designed in a ‘cool’ way using words like ‘hey username’ and classifying videos as ‘awesome’ or ‘WTF?!’ When you rate a video you decide if it ‘rocks’ or ‘sucks.’ It might be a way to hit a younger audience is that is your demographic but probably not until the site fully launches.

Given the limitations of the sites you can submit videos from and the private beta state of SeenItYet, it doesn’t seem like it is going to be extremely useful for some time yet as there might only be a couple hundred active users at present. The site states that the users have a knack for submitting viral videos before they go mainstream, but that can’t truly be backed up at present.

The site categorizes videos into several broad categories:

  • Comedy
  • Science and Tech
  • Entertainment
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • News and Politics
  • Autos
  • Music
  • Animation
  • Gaming
  • WTF?!

SeenItYet does not tell you beforehand what service the video is on so you might click on videos and not be able to see them (specifically from Hulu for international visitors).

Will it help your Video find Viewers?

At present probably not. SeenItYet is still in its infancy and while it is building upon a good idea there still seems to be a large amount of room for improvement. As a video aggregator it only pulls from eight sites and as a social network it doesn’t offer much except a way to share videos with people and comment on those videos. Most of what it is offering can be done on other sites where you might already have a long friend list and are able to post videos like Facebook and MySpace.

As a marketing tool it doesn’t look like SeenItYet is very useful currently, but as an entertainment tool it looks to have a lot of potential.