I feature a video presentation of Ramon DeLeon, manager of six Domino’s Pizza stores in Chicago, and a frequent vlogger and public speaker on social media marketing. Ramon is the recipient of the Chicago Social Media Club’s 2011 Chicago Social Media Person of the Year Award, and is a speaker at the upcoming Blogworld & New Media Expo 2011 in Los Angeles November 3-5th

Earlier this year I had featured Ramon in my ReelSEO article, “Time for Your Business to Apologize on Video? Social Video Marketing Remedies.” The article covered a lot about what Domino’s Pizza was doing to win back their customers on the national scale, but what I found to be particular interesting was Ramon’s own video on the local scale, where he and a crew manager did a public video apology for a pizza delivery that ran late with a customer. I’ve featured Ramon’s example in my own presentations and speaking engagements across the country, showing the importance of social video marketing not only being about customer service, but to also use it even when acknowledging mistakes.

Shortly after we published that article here on ReelSEO, I had learned that Ramon was going to be the featured speaker at a Social Media Day Chicago event, where he was also being presented with the Chicago Social Media Person of the Year 2011 award. The following is an audio recording I took of his presentation, along with a slideshow Ramon personally provided to me, and which I’ve closed captioned for easier following: I’ve also included some excepts of Ramon’s presentation that I think apply particularly well to how video professionals should be doing their own social media marketing.

Then just after I finished all that work, Ramon mentioned to me yesterday that he had someone do a video of himself of the event. (I was glad to hear that, since I couldn’t find my own video recording and had the audio as a backup.) So I’ve included Ramon’s video copy on Viddler below as well.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

“Some people say I’m marketing guy doing pizza.  I just say I’m a pizza guy doing a little bit of marketing,” says Ramon. “I think that I’m a guy that gets social media. I’ve been doing social media before it even had a name.”

Here are some full quotes and key takeaways I got from Ramon’s presentation, and talking with him afterwards, which can also apply to doing your own social video marketing:

It’s About the Tools

“To me, social media is a collage of tools that I use in addition to my core business plan.  I’m a pizza guy, okay?  So I want to sell pizza.  I need to be able to sell pizza without social media so that I can put to practice what I believe that social media is in addition to.  It’s a tool similar to the phone.  You know phone helps me sell pizza, makes it a lot easier than people having to come to my store… social media to me is just modern tools.”

It’s About Promoting Your Customers

“Social media just made it easier for me to do what I had already been doing for a long time beforehand – promote my customers. I always, always, always, always, always want to figure out a way where I can keep the conversation alive.  I want to keep people talking about Domino’s Pizza.  I want to keep people talking about the experience of having that Domino’s Pizza independent of the tools.  But God bless social media.”

“With the tools of social media, those who once were students, they’ve now become our advocates. So as students that I helped in the early days become professionals, they take me with them.  They have allowed me to coin this what I call social media can get you upstairs. And social media allows me to do that because my different advocates, some of them students, some of them customers, some of them employees have allowed me to be able to use these tools of social media to reach people.

“We have people thinking about Domino’s through the tools of social media while they’re not even there.  Remember, my goal is to keep the conversation alive and have people thinking about Domino’s Pizza. I have customers and friends thinking about Domino’s Pizza, thinking about maybe because they got some of the face behind the logo all over the world.”

It’s About Being a Hotspot

“Jamaica, Corbay from the Jamaican bloggers sends me a tweet after–while reading an article about me, “Just watched your interview, great job.  If you respond to this, I know you’re good.”  I mean I responded to it, instead of just responding to it using the tools of social media, I sent them a quick video.  It said, “Live from Chicago, Corbay, how are you?”  My goal is to make my Domino’s Pizza stores a tourist spot.”

“It’s all about relationships”

“Ted Rubin spoke at the 140 Conference and he’s got this awesome video on ROR… Return on Relationships, and he nails the point when he talks about Jeff Culver saying how Jeff initially was a ham operator and back then with the ham operators, you know you’re giving out your short name to see if anybody answers you and when they do, you ultimately want to connect with that person regardless of where they are on the planet.  And for me that’s extremely important in a town like Chicago because people visit Chicago; and this becomes almost free word-of-mouth marketing.”

Be Inspired

“I am inspired.  I tell the world, be inspired and you will be in demand.  People want to be around people that are inspired.”

ROI is About What’s Important to YOU

“People always ask, “Ramon, is there ROI to all of this fun?”  I said, “Yes, there is.”  “Ramon, what should you measure?”  “Measure whatever’s important to you.” ”

DON’T Be Boring!

“Share when you have something interesting to say! When you’re using the tools of social media, don’t be afraid not to say anything. Only share when you have something to say. It’s not the quantity; it’s the quality of what you say and how the person is going to receive the message that you have to share.”

Why EVERYONE Can Be An Expert on Social Media

“You are an expert on YOU. If you think you don’t know anything, you are an expert on you and let the entire world know exactly who you are, what you like to do, what your passions are… Make a pledge to yourself that you are going to be the absolute best you that you can be when using these tools of social media.”

More of Ramon DeLeon’s Video Love

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

You can catch more of Ramon and his Chicago Domino’s Pizza Crew his own vimeo channel and his viddler channel, where there’s quite a bunch. I recommend  checking out Ramon last year’s keynote for the “Windy City Social Media Master’s Summit,” along with this video spotlight below by Crain’s Chicago Business: