A recent firmware update for the 2011 Sony Bravia TVs brings with it the ability to do some social networking right on your TV without ever leaving the program, something I have stated I would like and I’m sure some others would as well.

On NFL Sundays Twitter and Facebook feeds are generally aflutter with all manner of game related tweets and status updates, but it’s always been a two screen approach. Sony is ready to offer a one screen solution for anyone with a 2011 Bravia TV. I’m sure others are working on this in one way or another as well but that doesn’t mean we don’t still need two screen solutions because not everyone has nor wants to buy a new connected TV.

Social TV From Sony?

Sony’s firmware update brings with it YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all to the screen without pulling you away from your TV viewing. Owners can now watch YouTube videos in HD right on the unit as well as get their news feeds on it.

  • Watch YouTube in High Definition and enjoy Facebook videos and photos in full screen
  • Twitter Ticker shows rolling updates of the latest tweets while you’re watching TV
  • Share your TrackID song search results straight to Twitter

TrackID is like Shazam where it can get information on songs that are heard on TV. On Facebook you can follow links, view photos and videos and update your own status and send messages as well as some other things.

If you’ve got a VAIO computer you can now use it as a remote keyboard for the TV a swell. It looks like they’ve really caught on to the trend finally with this one.

Generally, I have a netbook handy for this sort of thing and hopefully round Christmas that will turn into a new Android tablet since I’ve got a DLP projector and not a connected TV. Of course, I can flip inputs to the computer and do it but that takes me away from my TV program which is exactly what I avoid with my second screen solution and sites like GetGlue and my standard social networks.

This is probably going to be standard features on all upcoming TVs, just like it’s pretty much standard on all the major game consoles now as well. It seems we are truly dead set on sharing every bit of information about our entertainment options whenever we can and that’s great for the makers of the programs.