33Across put out the Q3 2012 Brand Graph today giving some interesting insight into what’s happening with audiences across eight verticals. It’s not all video related but for three key verts; CPG (consumer packaged goods), Entertainment and retail, there is some interesting insights, so I thought we’d take a look.


The brand graph contains data and insights to , “…predict and reach millions of new brand loyalists and to inform and guide their overall advertising strategy and spend.” It covers over a billion users (1.25) via the largest social interest graph containing over 500,000 websites so it’s pretty big stuff.

The 33Across quarterly insights report analyzes category-specific online social behaviors, (video, sharing, and search), as well as top interests (news and media, online gaming, movies, and more) to help advertisers guide direct response and brand marketing strategies. The results were culled from 114 advertiser campaigns by 85 brands within 8 vertical categories from July to September 2012.

Q3 2012 Insights – Social & Video Viewing Habits

It seems consumers are shifting away from watching retail video and shifting toward watching far more consumer packaged goods videos. In fact, there was an increase of 44% in video viewing for the CPG category from Q2 to Q3, indicating that CPG consumers are almost 1.5X more likely to watch online video than the average Internet user.

The loss in video viewership for retail is about 22% but it’s not bad news really.

On top of the rise in video viewing for CPG it also is seeing some major brand uplift at 49% and some lower CPA, 20% lower. According to 33Across:

Within this category, top interests included online gaming, movies, and travel. These strong results underscore the need for CPG advertisers to identify and take action on the social and consumption habits of the consumers most likely to purchase and become brand loyal.

Too bad it’s such a small average audience size of just 6.5 million while retail is at 40.4 million.

As for retail, they saw a large dip in cost per sale meaning some pretty good ROI probably since they had to spend let to get the customer acquisitions. Seems like, even with the lower video viewing, it’s still working and working more effectively. So if you’re in retail or pitching to retail companies to make their product videos, right now looks like a great time to do that, especially with the holiday shopping season creeping up.

On the Entertainment side of things we see that video viewership rose slightly, 7%, in the quarter. Sports, travel and online dating topped the interest lists. At 38% conversion it seems like if you’re in the entertainment vertical video is definitely working well for you as you’re converting more than one in three times.

For the other verticals search is still going strong for many. Oddly sharing seems to be working well for financial services and blog consumption for telecom.