SMOSH, which became the most-subscribed channel back in January, is now the first to hit 8 million subscribers, after becoming the first to hit 7 million.  The growth of the channel is amazing.  As Tubefilter figured, after SMOSH hit 7 million it took them 41 days to get their next million, a rate of a little over 24,000 subscribers a day.  In fact, since the Tubefilter article yesterday, which has an image of the channel at 8,029,624 subs, another 10,000 have subscribed since.

SMOSH: Started By Regular People, Appeals to Silliness

What’s important about a channel like SMOSH is they started as “nobodies” (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) and have generated a presence on YouTube with numbers that aren’t inflated through running hundreds of channels.  In fact, they are a network all their own, running 5 different channels of unique content.  But their main one, their home base, is responsible for 8 million all on its own.

And sure, the content is highly silly:

But clearly, SMOSH found their niche audience and went after them every chance they got.  It takes a lot of work to be this silly, actually.

Tubefilter is also making mention of Jenna Marbles, whose channel has shot up to 3rd-most subscribed and is sitting over 7 million, with Ray William Johnson in her sights.  She’s also getting close to a billion views overall.  SMOSH, by the way, currently sits at over 2 billion.