SMOSH now has 9 million subscribers.  That’s just stupid.  That’s just incomprehensible.  That’s…really impressive.  It’s the first channel to do so, obviously, as it passed Ray William Johnson a couple of months ago and not long after that, became the first to crack 8 million subs.  At this point, SMOSH is acquiring subscribers like a snowball rolling down a mountain: the more subscribers the channel gets, the more it is likely to acquire in the future.

As Tubefilter points out, this milestone of 9 million happened in 39 days, which is quicker than it took it to hit 8 million from 7 million, a total of 41 days.  Still, you’d think there would be some sort of wall this is going to run into at some point.  But 10 million subscribers is likely in a month or so.

SMOSH has a network of channels, the main one is where they do comedy skits.  They have a 2nd channel with over 2 million subscribers that is a hodge-podge of stuff but in particular, the main program is a “look around YouTube” show called “Smosh Pit” starring Mari.  Another is SMOSH Games, which just recently hit 2 million itself.  Shut Up! Cartoons has nearly a million subs, and there’s even a Spanish SMOSH that has nearly 400,000 on its own.  All of these channels feed off of each other and basically just keep the subscriber totals blowing up.  And why is that?  They know their audience and feed them content every day.

So congratulations to SMOSH, it’s been one incredible year for Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla.