Smosh has been smashing records all year, and over the weekend became the first YouTube channel to hit 11 million subscribers.  Right behind it is PewDiePie, which became the second channel to hit 10 million subscribers.  What does all this mean?  Well, at the current pace, PewDiePie should overtake Smosh in a couple of months, barring some sort of massive drop in subscriber rate.  PewDiePie is currently getting over 300,000 subscribers a week compared to Smosh’s 145,000.

Of course, when we talk about these numbers, we’re not saying everyone should aspire to be PewDiePie or Smosh.  If you’re anywhere near my age, these channels can be like scraping nails across a chalkboard.  In fact, a bunch of the top 10 is that way.  Whether they aimed for this audience or stumbled into it naturally, they appeal to a large group of young people.  PewDiePie does it with sheer volume of video uploads, appealing to gamers with his survival-horror walkthroughs.  Smosh is a dose of goofy comedy and they have numerous other channels featuring games and cartoons, really a bunch of channels that feed off each other through similar interests.

Anyway, this “race” should be interesting to watch over the next couple of months, and whether some other channel out there can start making as rapid an ascent up the charts as PewDiePie has over the past year.