So yesterday I wrote this totally awesome article about this. Unfortunately, WordPress did an eat and delete on it. So now you’re stuck with this far less witty and entertaining, yet still as informative, rewrite. My apologies…send hate to WordPress please.

So Implix, who I found out sells an email marketing services, did a poll or survey of some 200 email marketers (not spam artists we hope). They found out that video email will be the focus of email marketing this year, in particular for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Around 80% or roughly 160 of them said they’re going to use it this year. ReelSEO sort of wrote about this way back in June of last year – Email Video Marketing, What’s Old is New Again?

Implix says that this is 12% more than last year. Having thankfully not received any video emails as of yet I can’t really say it sounds all that promising. Plus, I generally won’t click a link in email if it’s some sort of marketing. I generally just throw it all in the trash, just like I do with chain letters, mass forwards, and other types of spam, but that is me.

Why Email Marketing with Video?

Why are email marketers going to focus on video email?

  • 64% of them think they’ll get a significant boost to conversion rates.
  • Over 50% said that it will improve click-through rates and drive customers onto landing pages.
  • Over 20% said that video emails can also reduce support and training costs
  • On the flip side, only 4.7% of those polled saw no benefit.

The marketers broke down the best uses into the following:

  • 29% said training courses use video email best
  • 22% said product offers
  • 19% said product demos were key
  • 18% use it for customer testimonials.

Just over half of respondents said SMB are intent on personalizing email messages in 2010 and improve titles and subject lines. I can’t say I blame them.

And the vast majority of them said they are going to target on consumer behavior. I can see that meaning, if you go to a video site, they’ll find you and start sending you these emails.

I did some digging on Implix’s site and I found this juicy tidbit “Show your audience you care enough to communicate face-to-face and they’ll deliver up to 96% higher click-through rates”  That’s what they are claiming video emails can do for you. As always, I’m skeptical.

Here’s a short video I pulled from them about their video email marketing feature as part of their product, “GetResponse.” After all, you should know something about the company that is providing the data from this survey/poll, right?