It’s only been around 3 weeks since Apple released the iPhone 5s with its new Slo Mo video feature but there are already around 1.5 Million results on YouTube for variations of the ‘iPhone 5 slo mo’ key phrase. The iOS7 video capture feature is only available with the new model of iPhone which is annoying if you are mid-contract and can’t upgrade or the purse strings won’t stretch to a new phone just yet. But necessity is the mother of invention and of course someone has released an app that beings the magic of slow motion to those of us with earlier models.

SlowCam ($1.99/£1.24/€1.79) lets you “record amazing slow motion videos in real time” by choosing the ‘slow motion’ option while filming which offers a pretty smooth transition between normal speed and the slow speed of 120 frames per second. Other features include the ability to zoom in and out, and background rendering and the app is supported on all devices (that have a camera) with iOS7 installed.

I’ve installed it on my iPhone 3 and it works really well actually. Here’s the app in action from the lovely team at Game Mob who went to the effort of making a video so I didn’t have to. Thanks Game Mob!

You can download the app from iTunes now.