Telestream and Wowza have shined light on a deal between them that will offer live video production and universal streaming to the iPhone, Web and TV. That is something to say Wowza! about!In a major step towards three screen convergence (forget the fact that it’s only iPhone representing mobiles) Telestream and Wowza are working on an industry-first, single-encode stream and will show that tech off at the IBC Show in Amsterdam. How do I get myself invited to that party I wonder? (Psst, Telestream, Wowza, hook me up!)

What’s the deal with the deal?

The tech is set to be an affordable platform for creation and distribution of live video to the aforementioned screens. It will incorporate the Telestream Wirecast software and the Wowza Media Server 2 Advanced. The service will allow simultaneous streaming to iPhones, iPod Touch, Flash players, Silverlight and Quicktime players as well as IPTV set-top boxes. How frickin’ cool is that?!

This is one small step for video, one giant leap for the industry. With the ability to simultaneously push to all three screens you’ll be giving consumers the ultimate in freedom and choice. I have an upcoming project that I’d love to test this on. I’ll have to try to catch them at the show or elsewhere and see if we can work something out. The tech will be on show at the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam September 11-15.

“Together, Wowza and Telestream enable content owners, producers and delivery networks to realize the vision of true three-screen streaming in a very practical, yet extremely powerful way,” said Dave Stubenvoll, CEO and co-founder, Wowza Media Systems. “We have great expectations for our two technologies as we continue to work together to empower customers looking to bring streaming video to consumers anywhere, anytime, on any screen.”

One of the key pieces in it all is the fact that the Wowza Media Server 2 Advanced took on the H.264 codec (previously Flash) so it can hit the Apple platforms as well as the IPTV set-tops and Silverlight. The software should be available late this year and between Wirecast and Wowza you’ll have everything you need to take a laptop on the go and live stream massive amounts of events to the three screens. Wowza states that “The Wowza 2 Advanced platform represents Wowza’s vision of unified infrastructure media streaming software that enables delivery over any protocol to any player or device, served from any operating system.” I guess we’ll just see about that. All you need to stream they say is the proper equipment and an internet connection.

“The combination of Wirecast and Wowza servers gives us the most cost-effective and reliable way to deliver streaming to multiple screens,” commented Wayne Colleman, General Partner, “In fact, just last month, the technology enabled us to deliver a continuous 150-hour live stream of a large convention to 20,000 Flash-connected participants and 500 iPhone viewers. Together, the Wirecast and Wowza solution not only saved us time and money by enabling us to reach both screens from a single encode, but it was easy to manage and performed flawlessly.”

Customers can purchase Wirecast production software for under $500 and get a Wowza Media Server Software Subscription for $65/month or less per server.

They’ll demonstrate everything at the IBC Show in Telestream stand 7.C19 and Wowza stand IP331. A presentation will also take place in the IBC Hall 7 Training Zone Saturday, September 12th at 3:00 pm and Monday, September 14th at 2:00 p.m. Sign me up!