Sometimes a parody of the thing you’re parodying can turn into a work of art. A critique of showreel cliches from Vancouver-based mograph art director Peter Quinn, entitled ‘Shit Showreels Say’, is a sarcastic look at the commonalities and tropes used in creating showreel footage, and it is wickedly good. Reels are the perfect portfolio to present your animated design work, and it takes extraordinary creativity and skill to produce an outstanding one, but they can be as cliche-ridden as any other video project. As part of his morning routine, Quinn spends time sifting through showreels and mograph projects on various blogs, and he also receives a few reels a week from students or juniors who are looking for work. He admits that his own reel is now a couple of years out of date, and in the process of updating that he realised the commonalities in showreel features. Motion designers everywhere will know the tropes…..


3 Awesome Mograph Showreels

Peter’s video prompted us to look for 3 showreels that really did impress us. The first, from creative audio and visual studio Antfood, is an insanely fast-paced collection of slo-mo footage, animation, graphics, and stills against a franatic soundtrack. Awesome.

You’d think a swing version of ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’ might not be the most appropriate audio track for a showreel but it fits this clip from Carlos Escárrega perfectly.

Amsterdam based art director Vincent Lammers uses his showreel to showcase the animation work created at his agency. The shot of the sunrise around 00:44 is stunning.