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How to Increase Watch Time in YouTube with Skip Annotations & Chapter Markers [Creator's Tip #79]

Chapter markers can enhance your video's engagement by giving the viewers choices to find the content they need without having to scrub through the whole video looking for it. This is especially useful when it comes to long-form content like a Google Hangout or a speech/lecture video. Learn how to create YouTube skip annotations that work as chapter markers so as to keep your viewers engaged and increase your videos' watch time.

How to Create Amazing YouTube Thumbnails that Attract Viewers

When creating a video thumbnail, do you create something that you would actually click yourself? How do you create custom thumbnails that cut through the clutter and entice the viewer to want to see more? This week's Creator's tip tutorial will show you 5 tips for creating thumbnails that attract viewers.

HOW TO: Use Annotations to Increase YouTube Views, Rankings, and More

On this week's Creator's Tip, we collaborated with Matt Ballek of VidiSEO to share with you some of the top reasons why you should be utilizing annotations regularly in your videos and to show you several tips and tricks to use YouTube's annotations effectively to increase video views, subscribers, and rankings.