One of my favorite things about Google Plus is how it’s part Facebook and part Twitter. I follow a host of interesting people on Google Plus, many who have never met me at all. It keeps my stream filled with interesting and unique content throughout the day. And now it’s about it get easier to find interesting people to follow. Google today announced that they are adding a new feature to their burgeoning social network, Google Plus: the ability for users to share entire circles with their friends.

Share Google Plus Circles

The circle-sharing feature is rolling out to users starting today, and should be available to everyone soon. Here are the details:

  • Use the new “share” button when editing or browsing your circles if you want to share that group with friends. Those friends can then add that circle to begin seeing content from those individuals on their Stream.
  • Any changes you make to the stream after you’ve shared it will remain private. Meaning… you’d have to share the circle all over again if you want to let friends see the newer, updated version.
  • Names of the circles, which are assigned by the user, are not seen. So if you share a circle of all your co-workers with another new co-worker, that person won’t be able to see that you sarcastically titled the circle “Jerks I Can’t Stand But Have To Put Up With.”

Here’s a video they made about the new feature:

Practical Uses For Shared Google Plus Circles

This is potentially huge for online marketers, including video marketers. Think about it this way: let’s say you follow a group of select photographers who are on Google Plus. Maybe they share photos on Google Plus and you enjoy seeing the various pieces of artwork throughout the day. Maybe you even took those artists and photographers and placed them all in a circle called… Photographers. Now, with circle sharing enabled, you can easily send that meticulously-curated list of photographers to your friends, who can click a button once to accept and add that great image content to their own Plus experience.

Or maybe you’re like me… and you follow a personally-crafted list of marketing professionals on Google Plus, because they offer great advice, tips, news, and insight into what you do for a living. That list is also now sharable, so I could send it to Mark or Christophor if they were interested in following the same people.

Here’s where Google Plus separates itself nicely from Facebook. On Facebook, I can’t see content in my Wall stream if I’m not friends with the people sharing that content. But on Google Plus, I can follow Mark Cuban, or Wil Wheaton, or anyone else that I find interesting, and their public updates will start showing up in my stream whether they add me to their circles or not.

As a user, the ability to share Google Plus circles means I now have a better chance to find people to follow. As a marketer, it means users can now easily let their friends know that they’re following me, which could potentially grow my audience rapidly.