YouTube’s new design changes gives a lot of new options for content creators who run their own channels. In this week’s episode of Producer Tip, we show you video producers some of the changes behind the scenes of our ReelSEO YouTube channel and some of the implications they hold for how we adjust our strategy for engaging with our audience and how we present our content.

The social activity stream on the home page means we need to think through what kind of social interaction we’re going to share, how much of it, and when we do our interaction. The new layouts mean we have to decide how to present our content in a way that works best for our audience. And many other things.

How To Set Up Your Channel For The New YouTube Design

QUESTION: How has the new design affected what you do with your channel?



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As you may have noticed, last week YouTube released a completely new design. They’re changing the look and the feel and a lot of the structure and even
how the site works. For those of us who are creating content and writing our own channels we’re going to look at some of those changes and what that
means for how we operate and run our channels here on YouTube.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of Creator’s Tip where every week we give those of you who are creating online content
some tips, ideas, suggestions, advice and whatever, how to make your video stand out on the web and this week we want to look at all the new design
changes that are happening behind the scenes of our channel.

A couple of days ago we looked at some of the front end changes and what it means for the people who are watching our videos, but now let’s dig into
the backend a little bit and see what’s going on behind the scenes and I’m basically going to just walk you through our channel here at and show you some of the things that’s going on behind our channel here.

And along the way we’ll look at some of the new features that YouTube is offering and how you can best set them up for your content.

Before we get started, we’re noting two things. One this is a partner channel so if you’re a channel and it’s not partnered you might see us having
some options and things available that maybe aren’t available to you. And two, there isn’t one exact way of how you have to set up your channel and how
you make it all work. You’ve gotta figure out what’s best for your audience. We’re still experimenting and trying out a lot of these things ourselves.
So take what works for you guys and totally implement it, but the stuff you don’t really like, feel free to ignore it and try new things. We love to
hear your ideas and what you’re trying out and what’s working for you. Comment below and let us know.

And with that said, let’s get on to looking at our channel.

Most of you guys are probably already familiar with what the new pay layout looks like. We’re going to go through some of this here. Starting with this right sidebar. You’ll notice there’s this, the subtitle is right under here, it used to be under here I believe in the old channels and now it’s over here. You can edit the description and everything just by clicking edit. Imagine that! That’s how you edit most of this bar right here. I’m going to hit cancel for a second. This is where now people will post comments to your channel. That used to be as you might remember a little box down here somewhere. Now they just do it right here and it will go to your feed over here.

But before we get to the feed part, now you can add a whole bunch of links to your sidebar here and this is really helpful for posting not only to your
social networks as you’ve seen me do here but also just links to like your website. And we’ve added just stuffed a whole bunch of different tags and
things back at so you can choose to do that if you’d like to change that, it’s super easy. You just go up here and click edit. And you can
have this big icon show up if you want – I’ll just show you just temporarily what that looks like, I’ll apply and that will show right over here those
big icons instead.

We’ve opted to go with these just because these are actually linked to – well the Facebook anyways is linked to a profile and not to a page and we want
ours to link to our ReelSEO page like that one does to So I’m going to go and uncheck these here. Un-show those.

But here’s where you add just your title and the URL you want it to go to. You can re-arrange these pretty easily just by clicking here and just
dragging them to where you want to go and then you click add more info about you. You can just put right in there, probably a good idea to put some
good keywords in here and up here in your description as well. Just kind of put that up here. You’ll notice that these links in the sidebar have this
little icon that automatically detects our little logo and you guys are like, ‘Well how did you get that to show up there automatically?’ That’s
actually just our fav icon from our website. If you’re not really sure what that is, that’s kind of a whole nother video. Just Google Fav Icon and it
will show you more about that. But it’s basically just a little image you create and upload to your webhost on your website and just kind of link it up
to your header and it should show up there when you link it up. Not only here but other places and when people favorite it, it will show up there, all
that kinds of stuff.

Good thing to have, definitely reinforce your branding but that’s how you put that there, just you can find out more about that just by Googling Fav

Playlists. We have them opted to be right here and we just have our – this is our Creator’s Tip video playlist and also our Reel Web, both of which you
guys might be familiar with if you subscribe to us. You can easily change these by clicking edit and again you rearrange them just by clicking and
dragging that. Here’s a list of all of our other different playlists that we have that we could put there and feature as well.

And then feature channels. If you guys have people, maybe other of your own channels or also that you have or other people that you just really want to
highlight. You can put those right there as well. It’s easy just by clicking the channel name here and clicking add.

So that’s basically it for the home page. Just so you guys are aware you’ll probably play with this but just real quick feed is where you’re going to
have all the latest activity for your channel, everything you’ve done. So we’re sharing comments, likes, favorites, uploads, pretty much everything in
ours on YouTube. This is our, you know you can see where we’ve commented on different videos, replying to you guys, subscribed to Partners Project
yesterday and to Make Magazine and to some other people so just all our interaction is here on our personal feed.

Videos, oh wait, let me go back here just for second. You can change what shows on the feed by clicking settings. This little button and you can add if
you want to allow the channel comments, which is right over here, or if you want to moderate them or just disable them. We just kind of have them go
straight to the channel cause most of the ones on our channels are actually pretty nice. People are pretty friendly to us so just let it go there. But
you can change the view if you want to just see the comments that people are leaving for you, you can do that here and here are the comments that we’ve
been getting.

So videos is, well we have them dated newest to oldest right now and you can see a grid of all videos here and playlists is where we’re going to show
all of our playlist just kind of lined right up there. So that’s kind of the front of the stuff that people actually see and how you can edit and
change most of that stuff.

Now let’s go behind a little bit. Click on edit channel. And most of this stuff is just blank because I just wanted to kind of look just kind of clean
so you would see it without all of our code in there. If you want to go back to the original design you can here, I don’t really recommend that you do
that. I recommend that you just embrace the future and run with it even if you don’t like everything about it. Avatar, we don’t have an image, we are
like I said, it’s just totally clean right now. Our channel, we just have a color but if you want to choose a background image you can do that. One
thing I would recommend in case you’re working on like a smaller screen size is that not everyone remembers that some people are looking at this as a
much larger resolution then you might be, especially if you are working on a laptop or something. So you want to keep in mind that if you have an image
that looks good on your screen, the background image, it might not look as good on everyone else’s screen so for example, it might just end right here
or right here, so what I recommend you do with your background image is that you use your image then you fade all the edges to like a color. So for
example in this background we would want it to fad to this color grey, which is you know 666666. So that it looks like it just kind of nicely blends in
with the background or whatever background you happen to be using.

In here we’re partners so we can put a little image at the top of our channel and that’s where we would add that code, right there.

Let’s go to info and settings over here. Again these are going to be partner settings. Tracking URLs, you can put like a little like a URL to a gif
image or something on your server somewhere so it can track how many times that gif images is loaded which will tell you how many hits you’re getting
or you just put your Google account id here. We’re not going to go through all this. Again here’s where you put your title, your description, different
tags, very important to do that. The default tab is what you can set when someone goes to your channel like, you can decide which
of these three tabs right here you want to be the default one to show. We have the Featured Tab which is going to show whichever video we happen to
feature at the time. But you could just have like your whole video grid to show if you’d like or just all your engagement interactivity to show there
as well.

If you’d like to change which video is actually being highlighted in the Featured Tab here on your channel you can click right here on edit and it will
give you a whole list of all your different videos and different playlists that you have there. You can have it automatically start playing if you want
or prevent ads from showing on this page. And you would just click apply and then that new video will be showing up right here on the featured tab. But
if you are going to use the featured tab here is the different layout settings you get. Now each of these are valuable for different you know,
different things depending on what you’re going for. We’re using the blogger. That’s probably the setting most people are going to use. I’m actually
using the creator layout on another channel that I do that has a lot of content that’s topically driven and so we just show different playlists for
each of those topics and people come and they can easily find something about this or you know about that. But something like this that isn’t as much
topically driven and it’s all pretty much one topic with different videos about it, so we’re using the blogger. If you have a lot of different channels
you kind of want to promote them all on your main channels, a network might be one you want to do. If you want to just kind of mix them all together
everything might work as well, this just kind of compromises everything but this is where you would set that.

And mobile settings, now this is something – I don’t know about you guys and if you look at your Google Analytics you can or your YouTube Analytics you
can see exactly what’s happening here but our views on ReelSEO probably about 11% of them are on mobile devices. On my other channels that I run
personally just for fun and my own stuff, others they’re closer to probably 18-20% mobile views. So to make your channel look really good on a mobile
device whether it’s Android or iPhone or iPod or whatever, here’s where you would upload two different banners. It gives you the dimensions right here
so depending on – whoops – cancel. Whether people – so depending on whether people are holding it horizontally or vertically that would show those
different things that you can link your banner as well. So that’s what that looks like.

One of the things that this new design is really pushing now is highlighting a lot more of our social interaction on YouTube. And you can change that
if you go up to your tab up here just go to your settings. And then over here you’ll see sharing. And here’s where you can select what you’re going to
share on YouTube or what you’re going to share on these accounts right here. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and MySpace. We don’t use those two. And as you
can see we’re not personally right now sharing anything to these accounts. We may in the future, we’ve been talking about that but right now we’re just
going to leave them all unchecked. But on YouTube we’re pretty much sharing everything right now. So what that means is whether we favorite a video,
like a video, comment on a video, subscribe to a channel. That is all going to show up right in our feed and not only is it going to show up on our
feed but it’s also going to show up on the home page for other people who have subscribed or who have friended you. So I’m going to go to the home page
to show you kind of what we’re seeing from other people. So that means it’s going to show up right here in front of everyone else. Whenever anyone
uploads a video, see someone commented, commented, so. This could be a blessing or it could be a curse depending on how you look at it. It could be
beneficial in that every time you comment on something it’s going to show up and all your subscribers and your friends on their home feed just right
here. And so that could potentially give you more exposure. If you comment on a video that was uploaded a long time ago a whole new group of people
might be introduced to it and see that video because now it’s highlighted again.

The downside is if you comment a lot and you’re constant and your engaged and you interact a lot on YouTube, it can almost seem like, it can feel like
spam cause like this whole home feed could start to feel cluttered with just your activity. So use it, you guys make the decision what’s going to work
best for you. Right now we’re just showing everything. We’re going to feel it out see how all this works. Of course people could just click right here
and show uploads only and that would eliminate all the other interaction stuff that you’re doing rather than making them feel like they’re being
spammed. It might be beneficial maybe to spread your comments out throughout the day. One of our commentors commented on yesterday or two days ago for
you when you’re watching this, our episode the Reel Web saying they were going to spread their comments out throughout the day rather than just kind of
logging in maybe once or twice a day and just doing a whole bulk of comments, they were going to spread them out so. That could be helpful for you.
Maybe instead of just spamming people just spread out your engagement throughout the day and hopefully get more exposure and bring your video in front
of your subscribers and your audience more regularly that way.

I hope that was helpful for you guys. Comment below and let us know what are you doing with your channel and what’s really working for you. What are
some of the new things that you are trying now that YouTube has completely changed their design. If you say hey I think I’m going to do this
differently and this is how it’s working. Let us know, we love to learn from each other. Also if you have any questions that maybe me or other people
can answer about hey how do I do this with my channel, how does this work now or whatever. Comment below and let us know and we will do our best to
respond to every single one of those. Or you can email me at [email protected]. I love hearing from you guys or
connect with us on Twitter, or Facebook at

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