Sesame Street is celebrating a billion channel views today.  By hitting the billion-view mark, Sesame Street becomes the first non-profit to hit the mark.  To celebrate, the Count has written a blog post on the YouTube Blog, a “billion views” playlist has been created, and even better, the Count himself has a video with him singing about “counting all the ‘yous’ in YouTube.”  Nearly all of us have grown up with “Sesame Street” over the years, and seeing it still going strong is comforting in a big way.

Sesame Street Celebrates With Count’s ‘Counting the ‘Yous’ in YouTube’

Sesame Street’s milestone comes a little over a year after they endured a hacking where some very bad content made its way onto the channel.  And of course all the bad stuff that happened with Kevin Clash, the man who made Elmo a star.  It’s good to see Sesame Street back in the good light where they belong.

Here’s a video that will brighten your day, from Count Von Count:

Congrats, Sesame Street!