How great is Sesame Street eh? No, really though. Not only is it the greatest kids show ever (after The Clangers – one for the UK readers there), but their YouTube Channel is just a few million plays away from hitting an amazing 1 Billion views. They have promised to release a secret video once this target has been officially reached. At the time of writing, total views were standing at 980,907,005.

One of the Street’s more colourful characters, Telly Monster, is the spokespuppet behind the drive to get to a Billion views and he’s awfully excited at the prospect of unleashing this top secret video on the world, as you can see:

Sesame Street And The Second Screen

It’s a huge achievement for the channel, making it the first non-profit to hit that goal. Their VP of Content & Distribution, Terry Fitzpatrick told the New York Times that:

We have this theory that if we get content on multiple platforms and devices, it gives kids and families a chance to reinforce and experience the curriculum multiple times. It blows me away to think about how popular and strong a platform (YouTube) has become for us.

The company use digital media to support their television output and since 2006, YouTube has become a hugely important part of that mix, along with various apps. 35% of children aged up to 8 years old now experience Sesame Street exclusively on non-TV platforms.

C’mon, play your part and become one of those Billion viewers so that Sesame Street can unleash a bit more fun in a world that needs as many fuzzy feelings as it can get right now.

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