If you haven’t already signed up for SES 2010 New York (that’s “Search Engine Strategies 2010 New York” for the abbreviation-impaired), it’s not too late.  The conference and expo hall start on March 23, with partnered training beginning on the 22nd.

As usual, there are several levels at which you can register, with an option for every budget, from the Expo-Only pass ($25) to the Platinum Passport ($1,995).   You can also still get discounts by purchasing your passes in advance as opposed to at the door.

Now, aside from the fact that SES 2010 is the leading search engine marketing event each and every year, with tons of great speakers and crucial networking… and aside from the fact that ReelSEO is again a Media Sponsor of the event… there is one huge reason we’re really hoping many of you will be able to go:  video matters more than ever.

You’ve read speculation from some that, in the near future, as far as search engines are concerned… if you don’t have video, you won’t exist.  Video has rapidly become a key measure of authority and trust, and is playing a larger role than anyone ever imagined in how well your site and its content can rank.  Most SEO professionals have, at one point or another, uttered the groan-inducing cliché of “content is king.”  We say it because it is most often true.  And in 2010, with YouTube acting as the second-largest search engine in the world, video content simply matters more than any other kind.

Remember the days when a conference like SES might have a video track to sit alongside all their other topics and themes?  Those days are long past.  How do I know that?  This year’s keynote panel summary for Wednesday:

Video: The Next Digital Marketing Frontier

Video has found its way into the daily routines of most U.S. Internet users. YouTube now boasts more than 100 million uniques and streams more than 6 billion videos monthly, according to the latest numbers from Nielsen. Meanwhile video ad networks and premium sites like Hulu have begun to establish real reach. This panel will cover the latest developments in video-based marketing, including:

  • Discovery: What factors make your video assets visible to web surfers?
  • Ad networks: How can you make the most of these vehicles, and what can you safely ignore?
  • Formats: pre-roll, overlays, interactivity, and in-page video
  • YouTube: The elephant in the room during any discussion of online video.


Zach Rodgers, Managing Editor, ClickZ


Baljeet Singh, Senior Product Manager, YouTube & Google Content Network

Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus

In the span of a year or two, video has gone from an also-ran to the clear favorite-to-win.  Online video will take center  stage at this year’s SES in a way that it never has before.  Nearly every track will have involvement from video experts or entire sessions specifically devoted to video.  “Video” and “search” are becoming inseparable terms in the world of Internet marketing.

And since we tend to assume that most of our readers are either video producers or video marketers, we think SES New York 2010 is something you just can’t miss.  This is your chance to experience all that’s new and emerging in the ways that people are using, making, and interacting with video.  From the expo hall exhibitors to the session speakers, from the sponsors to the new friends you make on the convention floor… SES 2010 will have the heartbeat of video pumping through all the festivities.  We hope to see you there!