Nielsen has recently found that online video usage is up, up, up. They even found out exactly how much up really is in this case, a full 25% they state.

Yes, 25% is the increase for online video watching time year-over-year. Streams are also up that same percentage. They looked at online usage for September and said it only grew a meager 0.1% in unique viewers and that it lost 3% in streams. It seems that September was not a good month so to speak for online video. But that could be partly explained by the unseasonably warm weather in parts of the US or by the fact that new shows started their fall season on TV. Or it could just be fluke.

Nielsen - VideoCensus Info

Overall 2009 has been a banner year for online video even if September showed a slight downturn. Another possible reason is that holidays ended and people are back to work and children are back to school. If younger people are the majority of watchers that means a lot less time in front of the 3-screens and a loit more time in the classrooms.
It’s no surprise that YouTube and Hulu top their brand chart or that the major media companies are there also, is it?

Nielsen - VideoCensus Info

There of course is still some error of margin as far as we’re concerned since they don’t do direct tracking but use panels, surveys, etc. They have made some recent changes to the VideoCensus service including  a much larger panel (8X) and a closer look at the findings which they believe are now more representative. Personally, I’m still skeptical.

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