If you are a regular reader of ReelSEO you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone must already be aware of the massive benefits that video offers when combined with quality search engine optimization. However, surprisingly enough, the techniques required to ensure that videos are not only indexed by the major search engines, but also stand a chance of ranking in favorable positions in the video and blended search results, are as yet still relatively unknown to most people – including many of the major players in the SEO market.

Very few SEO companies are offering SEO services with a focus on video. Why? My guess is, although now fairly mature in online terms, the SEO market is still growing rapidly and the priority for most SEO professionals is their core business. The irony here is that it is SEO companies who are perhaps in the best position of all to profit from the extra impact video can give to a page already ranking well for a particular key phrase.

I’m sure its been said before here on ReelSEO, but I will say it again – essentially video SEO is just an extension of ‘traditional’ SEO. So to get good results you need to make sure that all the things that would encourage a good ranking for any normal page have already been considered. I’m not going to go into the specifics here but basically this means both on and off page ranking factors should have been addressed.

Trying to optimize a page for video search that is not optimized already for ‘normal’ search is like trying to ride a bike with flat tyres – it takes a lot of effort and you won’t get anywhere fast….The advantage SEO companies have here is that making sure customers pages are well optimized is what they do so their results are likely to be much more visible.

BENEFITS: So What’s the Big Deal with Video + Search Anyway?

When a video thumb is served in a search engine results page, the way people interact with that page changes. A video result in position 4 or 5 may get a better CTR than a non video result in position 2 or 3. Now I use the word may deliberately here, I’m not saying this will always be the case, and in fact for some search queries video is not necessarily the best option when it comes to relevance, but for many query types, video ads a whole lot of value, so the chances of it being included and getting clicks are high.

So for SEO companies who are open to new opportunities, video offers the following benefits:-

  1. A chance to increase the volume of traffic driven for specific key-phrases using an engaging thumbnail to increase CTR.
  2. The potential for increased impressions for particular search queries where video is considered relevant and is therefore blended into universal results above other non-video pages.
  3. Increased conversion rates using video on landing pages.

As search engine results continue to become more diverse, and the devices on which people search more suited to rich content, I strongly believe that video offers a potential benefit for nearly every business currently spending money on search engine optimization – I guess only time will tell if their SEO companies feel the same.