The majority of our ReelSEO readers are video marketers, meaning they’re well versed in using video to help promote, highlight, and advertise all kinds of other businesses, products, and services. But with the right content and in the right marketplace, video is a valuable commodity in and of itself. Today we start a four part series on video becoming the product. We’ll be looking at selling video online from several angles, starting with a rundown of some of the types and varieties of video most often sold online.

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Selling Video Online – Types Of Video

While a great deal of online video is created for promotional purposes, and audiences have come to expect most video to be free and easily accessible, there are still several varieties of video content that are sought after and valuable enough to consider selling it & making a profit.

Let’s start out by taking a look at the kinds of video that people are selling online.

Premium Entertainment Content

Let’s get the obvious right out of the way. Hollywood has been selling us premium entertainment content for years, in VHS, DVD, and Blu-Ray formats–and now digital formats as well. Audiences are quite used to paying for high-quality entertainment programming, whether it’s television, film, or something else altogether.

If you’re making web series, short films, feature films, or any other type of entertainment content, you could be missing out on potential profit by giving it away for free–or at least by not offering fans a way to permanently own the content of yours that they love.

Educational & Training Content

I went to a great conference not too long ago. It was packed with quality speakers, engaging sessions, and tons of applicable tips and advice. It was so good that… even though I’d attended and taken notes, I was compelled to buy the conference DVD they offered afterwards, which provided me with a permanent video record of all the nuggets of wisdom and the entire event.

When video is educational, like training content or high-level webinar content, it’s valuable. Even if you want to give it away for free at the start, there are likely viewers who will still want to own their own copy for future re-watching–assuming it’s good content, at least.

Educational video content can be a fabulous marketing tool, and many brands and businesses choose this style for their main video marketing push. But the video itself can also be a product… which means it can generate revenue.

Exclusive Content For Members

If you’re in a highly focused niche, there’s a good chance your fans and readers would be interested in learning from the experts. Whether it’s interviews, teaching sessions, Q&A content, or personalized messages, video can make excellent exclusive content for premium members willing to pay to learn from the best.

If you or someone in your business has achieved a level of expertise regarding your industry or business, there could be untapped dollars out there in the pockets of those who wish to study at the feet of the master.

Trade Secrets

Similar to the above category, if you possess knowledge about your industry that is rare–trade secrets, for example–there’s likely an audience for that knowledge. For instance, if you figure out the latest Google algorithm change before the rest of the experts, and find a trick that helps sites rank well quickly, there are SEO experts around the world who would gladly pay for access to that kind of information.

Think of exclusive expert forum sites, where the elite members of an industry trade tips and tricks… only in video form… and you have an idea of what I’m talking about here.

Stock Footage & B-Roll

Just like photography, there is great demand for stock video footage for use in everything from video commercials to public presentations. If you’re a videographer, there’s a really good chance you have tons of unused footage from your years of experience. And that means there’s a possibility someone else could use that footage–particularly if it’s coverage stuff… shots of nature, city skylines, bustling people, traffic, and the like.

Think of it like b-roll from a Hollywood film, only most outfits don’t hire a second unit crew and director to create that footage themselves… they scour the web and find what they need from other enterprising videographers like yourself.


There are a host of reasons to consider selling video online–and I’ve only scratched the surface today. Next week we’ll take a look at some of the options available for selling video online, and then we’ll dive into a very real issue facing video sellers: physical or digital media… or both?

This post was made possible by Movielocker, the new generation platform for online video selling. With Movielocker you can sell videos on your own web page or in social networks…or create a unique video archive or video store with unlimited videos.