Sitting down to write a script for a promo/explainer video can be daunting. A good scriptwriting application can relieve you of the technical details of your script and let you focus on the content. In this short post+video I want to show you how I use a free scriptwriting application called Celtx to draft scripts for my explainer videos.

Cetltx is a popular scriptwriting application used by a growing number of scriptwriting professionals. It does have a paid version which offers perks such as an online repository. However, if your needs don’t go beyond that of a single user, Celtx will more than do.

In this short video I will show you how I use Celtx’s Audio-Visual template to write scripts for narrated animated videos. As you will see, the Audio-Visual template is a great tool for this purpose because it allows you to align the dialogue and description of action in a way that makes it easy to see how these elements will fit together on the screen.

This is a great feature for explainer video script writers because explainer video imagery is generally designed to help viewers understand the dialogue and, therefore, the ability to effectively manage the timing of images and narration is paramount.