A nice big collection of videos for all this week, including a 12-second video called “I Don’t Even Know” that managed to blast off to 5 million views.  And while that guy doesn’t even know, Vsauce asks “How Do You Know?”  It sounds like an Abbott & Costello routine.  And you know who could create a super popular channel where he just says famous lines and general observations and would get millions of views every video?  Samuel L. Jackson, that’s who.  And if he’s raising money for Alzheimer’s, he could devote the entire AdSense account to it, create 30 second videos every day or week, and clean up.  Samuel L. Jackson saying anything is gold.

Fun Video Friday for June 7

Here is the aforementioned Samuel L. Jackson doing a famous Breaking Bad monologue, all for Alzheimer’s:

Ze Frank made a Sad Cat Diary, so it’s only fair that he also made a Sad Dog Diary:

You can make amazing art with salt and sound, apparently:

Remember “Garden of Your Mind?”  Mister Rogers gets awesomely remixed by melodysheep (Symphony of Science’s John D. Boswell) once again in “Sing Together:”

Jimmy Fallon and “Late Night” cut Brian Williams clips together to make it sound like he’s singing Snoop Dogg’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang:”

Here’s some absolutely contagious bit of silliness, called “I Don’t Even Know:”

Oscar Meyer knows we have a love affair with bacon.  So it comes as no surprise that this video compares it to precious diamonds:


Anyone who watches Game of Thrones, and had not read the books beforehand, probably reacted the same way as I did this past Sunday, and these people did, in the “Red Wedding Reactions Compilation:”

College Humor has made their first movie, Coffee Town.  Here’s the red band trailer (has some bad language):

Rhett & Link teach a kid “How to Make Snot:”

The next two videos I covered earlier in the week, but they belong in Fun Video Friday.  First, we have HowToBasic’s “How to Revert Back to the Old YouTube Design:”

And Dollar Shave Club came back with a new product called One Wipe Charlies:

SloMo Guys show us surface tension droplets of water at 2500 fps:

Buzzfeed knows exactly what “The Scariest Moments of Your Life” are:

Veritasium asks whether or not aliens probably exist:

Minute Earth discusses that strange phenomenon by which most of the world drives on the right side of the road, while a handful of countries drive on the left:

Be prepared to have your mind blown when ASAP Science asks, “Could We Record Our Dreams?”

Hank Green discusses the science of hangovers on SciShow:

Vsauce wonders how exactly can we know what we think we know?

CGP Grey shows us the strange, not-as-straight-as-you-think border between the U.S. and Canada:

As always, have a terrific Friday.